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A Man Of Many Talents, SB SurfsUp Is Taking His Career To The Next Level

A Man Of Many Talents, SB SurfsUp Is Taking His Career To The Next Level.


Having vision can take you to new heights. Those new heights pan out your future in the brightest light possible.

Joshua Farmer, notably known as SB Surfsup, is a rapper hailing from Memphis, Tennessee and is no stranger to the music industry. SB has been making music and igniting movements in his city over the past ten years. His distinct sound and focus on his undeniable talent allowed him to reach those heights and walk in the brightest of lights. With breakout record "Be Her Man", SB (at the time known as Skool Boy), made his mark as one of the hottest artists coming out of the South.


Growing up, SB did not have any direct musical influences in his family or circle. As the street life called, SB sought interest elsewhere. Raised in the "Juke Joints", SB took a liking to superstars such as Bobby Brown and Michael Jackson. These music influences curated a blend of melody, harmony, soul, and trap. These sounds spearheaded the road to the next biggest act.


Starting off, SB hosted a ton of parties, led a street promotion team, built relationships with both radio and artist labels and began to release his music. At the time, earning a spot in the industry did not happen overnight or by way of popularity on social sites. His hustle, unique sound, and familiar face made him one of the biggest artists in his city which placed his hometown on the map.

After securing a hit record with Young Joc and Don Trip, "Go Girl", the record labels began knocking at his door. Signing to Asylum/Warner label, mainstream was the next route for the star. Today, he has left Asylum and is now signed to Drought King Music. He has gone on to release two albums, three singles and has given Spotify a run for their money with successful streams. SB has tunnel vision when it comes to his music and what his supporters take from it. He wants his fans to know who he is through his music.


SB SurfsUp started a clothing brand cleverly named “Dreamers & Believers”, as he once dreamed of being an artist and is setting the example.

He says, "Anything is possible if you believe and put in the work". As an avid supporter of his community, he also spends time helping the youth that suffer with mental health and behavioral issues.


A man of many talents, SB is taking his career to the next level. Now that the South has had something to say, SB has something to do. Soul trap has taken on a new meaning and SB is here to pave that lane as one of the next biggest acts to watch.


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By Gena Heelz
Life In Entertainment

GH 10.09.2020

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Sandra Askew
Sandra Askew
16 окт. 2020 г.



Sandra Askew
Sandra Askew
16 окт. 2020 г.


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