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Life In Entertainment TV




It's your girl Gena Heelz!

And in each episode I'm going to introduce you to amazing talent from around the world.

Come along as they share their intimate stories with you.

Life In Entertainment provides in-person interviews that range between 3-15 minutes.

Now Introducing The TV Show 

Life In Entertainment goes behind the scenes with each individual according to the standard with the same common goal for a 30-45 minute mini documentary into the entertainers or business professional life. 


Life In Entertainment TV Pilot:
Memphis Native YungVeli
A 30 minute mini documentary of the musical artist preparing to headline The Bluff City Fair in Memphis, TN.

YungVeli hosts his segment by starting the show shopping with family and friends at a popular store called "the Summit". YungVeli takes a tour down memory lane, reflecting on his childhood. He later practices for his performace leading up to the event while inroducing the viewers to commercials which is the artist music videos. YungVeli ends the show after the Main Event.
Life In Entertainment TV Interviews:
Multimillionaire Actor/Director Michael Jai White
Life In Entertainment Interviews; Hello Sunday 

The Voice: Hello Sunday Is First Ever Youngest Afro American Duo And To Appear On The Voice And Is Team Kelly Clarkson


Hello Sunday made their debut on NBC's Season 17 of "The Voice" during the blind audition. Myla Frank, 14 years old and Chelsea Glover, 13 years mesmerized Kelly Clarkson by their performance as she pressed the buzzard with enthusiasm.

They have been a record breaking sensation since bringing Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson to tears by their performances.


Hello Sunday is the youngest duo to EVER appear on "The Voice", First Ever winners of the "Wildcard Instant Save", and the first female African American duo to make Top 13.

Life In Entertainment Interviews Mon Ruffin

Mon Ruffin is also known as Mon Pollard, a Memphis Native from Fourth & Walker better known as South Memphis. He is a Soul/Rap Artist and Barber. His entire family is pretty much Entertainers including his younger brother Zed Zilla has been releasing musical singles since 2016 and his latest single featuring Big Rickey and Lieutenant $hine called "I'm Sorry" was released January 18, 2020.


The song "Big B**** House is the funniest video on the internet and has gone viral with over 360k views in multiple videos.

The Official video includes Memphis Artists Sexi Killa and Mon Ruffin, produced by JS Productions and the videography & Director is by Maine Maine also from Memphis, Tennessee

Life In Entertainment Interviews KenKenStar

Kendal Moseley is a 14 year old Actress, singer, and songwriter. Kendal is the daughter of Ruby Jackson and the granddaughter of the Queen of Beale Street Ruby Wilson.

Currently Kendal is in two independent films that will Premiere later this year.  "Girlfriends Reunited" by Ripp Entertainment and "Why Me" by Shania Brown. Recently casted in a film to start shooting soon called " Deceptive Intentions." 


Kendal has her first single that she wrote and did the music for will be released in April. Kendal is very excited about the release of her new single "Rude Dude.


Life In Entertainment Interviews Charles Champ Harris

Charles “Champ” Harris, A 24 year old Mississippian and the oldest of 6 siblings. He is the first African American Male Boxer to win the IBF Championship in the welterweight division.

"Due to his opponents disqualification, Charles Champ Harris will be receiving the championship title for the July 18,2020 Event". 


Life In Entertainment Sits Down with Media Guru Christie Taylor

Christie Taylor, a media veteran and produced screenwriter, established Christie Taylor Consulting in 2019 to assist clients within the media, television and film industry. She oversees The Script Polishers, a screenwriting consultant service formed in 2013; serves as Creative Liaison for the Memphis Music Banq power by OnLocation:Memphis.

Life In Entertainment Sits Down With R & B Singer, Tikeena Driver

Tikeena Driver latest single release is scheduled for early November, 2020.


Tikeena is also a songwriter and has written over 25 songs over the length of her career.


She carries the musical spirits of Issac Hayes, Tina Turner and Alex Haley as the root of her motivation to write music.


Be on the lookout for the Raising Star Tikeena Driver, She is definitely a force of musical power!

5 stars Music Group Concert Series Presents Klymaxx, Sisters Of Power "4 Woman " Breast Cancer Tour, featuring Cheryl Cooley
Heal The Hood Foundation Presents a powerful new development for the Hero Empowerment Center

We are extremely blessed to have your growing love and support in Memphis and now the world is catching on to support our city in the powerful new development for the Hero Empowerment Center.


Sammie, we really appreciate you for your dedication to change. More to come. Blessings. Like Sammie said, donate at and please spread the word. Memphis will not be known for violence and crime, we have a new narrative thanks to you all. #helpbuild #madeinthe901

                               LaDell Beamon 

                     Heal The Hood Foundation  


Media Source:

Nubian Queen Management 

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