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Boss Talk Entertainment led by Da Bosslady hosted a celebration in honor of Memphis Treasure, LaChat

Memphis, Tennessee- On Friday, March 22, 2024, Boss Talk Entertainment led by Da Bosslady hosted a celebration in honor of Memphis Treasure, LaChat (Chasity Daniels) of 36 Mafia. The event featured live performances from independent artists from all over such as DucyG, Gangster Twinn, and 618 Dafff. Rika G, Certy Mac, Tony Bone, Goat Ape, Chris Terry Vs CT, etc.


Kecia Gamble, also known as Da Bosslady says that she created this event because it was long overdue, she stated, "I don't want to wait until our pioneers of Memphis are gone to recognize and celebrate their life and accomplishments. La Chat and Gangsta Boo crawled so that women like Glorilla and Gangster Twinn can walk and I want to give her flowers now. "


La Chat gained wide recognition for her appearance on Project Pat's "Chickenhead" song, lending a female perspective to Three 6 Mafia alongside Gangsta Boo. She released three studio albums: "Murder She Spoke," "Ultimate Revenge," and "Dramatize."

La Chat represented a new style of female rapper, the female thug rapper, rapping about street politics, drug dealing, casual sex, and staying true to the thug life. She was named Female Rap Artist of the Year at the 2010 Knocdown-SCM Awards.

La Chat is actively involved in giving back to her community and supports independent artists by allowing her platform to grow and improve their music. She has current projects released with multiple features. You can also view her recent interviews with Vlad TV, OFF THE PORCH, and exclusive documentaries such as "Women that Are Shaping Hip-Hop" and "The Real Queens of Hip Hop."


About Boss Talk Entertainment

Boss Talk Entertainment was founded by Kecia Gamble in 2021. The company is an artist development and entertainment company which has had successful music tours citywide and abroad. Boss Talk Entertainment is an award-winning platform recognized by other independent companies from Memphis to Atlanta. The company allows the artist the opportunity to be heard.

For more information about Boss Talk Entertainment, please email

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