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With Success In Both The Gospel & Mainstream Arena, Tiffany Bynoe Continues To Soar To New Heights

With Success In Both The Gospel & Mainstream Arena, Tiffany Bynoe Continues To Soar To New Heights


Tiffany Bynoe is no stranger to chart-topping hits! She is a recording artist whose resume is as diverse as her audience. Bynoe grew up in Akron, Ohio with her grandmother being a key influence on her career, advising her to take every opportunity to perform publicly.

At the age of sixteen, she was a three-time winner at the Apollo theater and had signed a record deal with Pendulum Records. Her debut album, Tene Williams, was released in 1993 under that moniker, and the single “Give Him a Love He Can Feel” hit the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at #3 on the Urban R&B chart and dance charts. At the time, New York City, DJ- Wendy Williams was an early supporter of the song and Tiffany’s work and helped catapult the song onto the charts.


Meanwhile, Tiffany was starting a new life of her own, marrying producer Kyle Bynoe and would later start a family. Bynoe decided to take a break from pursuing her own music career and a relocation back to Akron. Later, Tiffany and her family would develop a renewed focus in ministry, with Kyle shifting from work in secular to religious music.

Committed to rising above genre, Tiffany Bynoe has enjoyed significant success in both the Gospel and Mainstream music industries. After achieving a Billboard Top-30 smash hit with her single, “Seasons” in 2016, lifted from her album *Bible & Crates*, the R&B/Pop soloist is ready to soar to new heights. Tiffany is making moves, showing us how she has embraced life to the max and isn’t afraid to change her tune while at the same time staying true to her R&B roots with her new project and books “Ugly Duckling NO MORE" and "Me: Made Extraordinary".



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