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Topic Of Conversation: CEO And Entertainment Specialist: Sasha Da Blackbone Speaks On Latest Project


Blackbone Divas global movement was started in 2012 by a determined and vivacious diva named Sharrie Brown aka Sasha Da Blackbone.

She says, "I made it my passion to stand up to the world and represent MELANIN MAGIC. Blackbone Divas is a brand that symbolizes elegance. It is the FIRST and ONLY Model agency and brand in the world for DARKSKIN and BROWNSKIN Models in the Fashion and Entertainment Industry. Blackbone Divas is a Positive & Elevating brand that spreads awareness about colorism in the entertainment industry. We’re here to let the world know beauty comes in all shades.”


Current/Upcoming Ventures:

Divas CEO, Sasha Da Blackbone along with some dope co-hosts will be discussing celebrity news, sports, controversial topics and they will also have LIVE interviews.

Oh and you don’t want to miss Sasha’s

HOT TOPICS”, she will give you all the tea. This show is bringing Hollywood to Memphis while sipping on the COCKTAIL OF THE WEEK.



Blackbone Divas




Cocktails And Conversations




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