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The Voice Behind Mississippi Bars: Special Edition of EGutta: The Revelation Part 2 of 3

Updated: Mar 22, 2020


Eric Mitchell, also known as EGutta and Prophet Posse, grew up in Memphis,TN in the early 90's.


In the 90s, the era of drugs and government assistance housing was most high. Around that time 3 6 Mafia was forming their popularity and EGutta right right there in the thick of things.

The Voice Behind Mississippi Bars: Special Edition of EGutta of 36 Mafia: The Revelation Part 2 of 3


EGutta reflects over his life saying, "You know growing up in Memphis, TN wasn't always good. It's an everyday struggle in the city. I did a lot of bad things that I don't want to discuss but I prayed about it and moved on. So I had to get it how I live."


EGutta recalls being in his car and driving the streets of Memphis looking for his next job. He says, "I was in the streets everyday riding and getting high. I was looking for businesses to rob and victims to slay. I was considered a menace to society, not knowing what I was getting myself into as a teen."


Eric compared his lifestyle when he was younger with another Known Rapper's motto, Yo Gotti, by saying, "Being trapped in the hood like my homie Yo Gotti says,"it was hard to find my way"." He remembers making music doing shows with his sister, the legendary Gangsta boo. Eric says, "We were the first one to bring Cash Money Records, Young Jeezy, B.M.F to the city of Memphis for my sister's birthday party at Curtis Givens club called,"The Premiere". He ended his reflection with, "We accomplished a lot." "What comes with success also comes a price", he states. Eric claims his downfall happened right before he was about to sign his first contract with 50 cent and G-Unit South, as well as Jermaine Dupri of the record label called "So Def.


In 2004, Eric EGutta Mitchell was incarcerated on four counts of aggravated robbery with Memphis rapper Snootie Wild (Team Yayo). He was convicted and sentenced to fifty three months at the Penal Farm ( The Shelby County Division of Corrections facility on Mullins Station Road in Memphis, Tennessee). Eric states that," It was pure hell!" He says,"When I did those 53 month in SCDC, it was dangerous. I was still rarely young between the age of 21 to 26, so my mindset was trying to deal with the current situation of being locked up. It was a mind-thing." EGutta had to adapt to the prison system as well as adjusting to his fellow peers while being right in the thick of it all. He says, "It was a lot going on in the city dealing with the gangs and street life and I was in the middle of it all. I was part of an organization that was considered dangerous in Memphis at the time. So my life was on a level of survival."


Eric recalls being locked up with renown rapper Playa Fly, Yo Millionaire, and other Memphis rappers. He states that, "It was an experience and I had to go through alot in order to understand the life I was living. I was caught up in the street life to a point where it was no return. I couldn't go back to a normal life. Once you catch a body or rob your first store/victim, It's like a drug and it becomes very addictive. So my life changed drastically and for the worse.


Eric Mitchell was released after serving his sentence in the Shelby County Division of Corrections facility but was incarcerated two weeks later in Mississippi where he is currently serving time.

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