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The Voice Behind Mississippi Bars: Special Edition of EGutta: The Revelation Part 1

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Eric Mitchell, also known as EGutta and Prophet Posse,grew up in Memphis,TN in the early 90's. In the 90s, the era of drugs and government assistance housing was most high. Around that time 3 6 Mafia was forming their popularity and EGutta right there in the thick of things.

(The Voice Behind Mississippi Bars: Special Edition of EGutta: The Revelation Part 1 of 3)

Eric says, "the underground sound y'all hear in today's music stemmed from us in the south."

EGutta reflects on his upbringing and states, "My childhood was difficult. I had my parent's in my life until they got divorced when I was still a child. My pops worked at the post office and my moms was working part time at restaurants trying to make ends meet. So I Was a young black 8-10 yrs old adolescent in the ghetto trying to figure out life. So I went to the streets and that was a life changing occurrence."

EGutta started selling marijuana in Hyde Park right in front of his family duplex. Hyde Park is an area on the Northside of Memphis, Tenn.

Eric states that, "Living on Eldridge St. was rough and just like any poverty stricken place in the world, that's how it was."

Drug dealers, Murderers, and Rapists roamed the street without limitations in the 90s. It was very dangerous especially for the children growing up in the thick of things. EGutta soon adapted to the environment in means for survival. He says, "But I was young and experience came with this journey we live everyday."

One day Eric's mom caught him selling weed in front of the biggest drug dealer on Eldridge Street during that time name was Joe Malley.

EGutta states, "He was super cool. He kept a 100 pounds in the back shed and trashcan before the famously known artist Gucci Mane was rapping about it."

EGutta's mother caught him in action, selling drugs and he recalled that experience as "very dark" (night time) and all he saw was a beer bottle flying across his head. Eric said, "I saw a brown trench coat. I knew it was my mama, so I ran into the house and she was pissed. I locked myself in the bathroom and she was furious by this time. She wanted to kill me! I refused to come out of the restroom that day."

Eric was only 9 yrs old when his mother called the Memphis Police on him and the officers on duty made him come out of the restroom and apologize to his mama. That was his first encounter with the police which set a tone for young EGutta growing up.

In 1993, Eric and his family uprooted and relocated to the other side of town, South Memphis and Whitehaven. The family lived in an apartment called "Twin Lakes" near a street called Winchester.

EGutta reflects on being young and said, "My sister was going to a school called "Hillcrest" when she met a young man named "DJ", which later found out his name was Paul."

DJ Paul is the Founder of Three 6 Mafia. He was making underground tapes and my sister started making songs with him. EGutta says, "We used to go to the studio and come up with all types of music and created a sound that's relevant in today's music. I was helping her write songs for three 6 mafia and I was only 12-16 years old as he smiles on his reflection." He says,

"So I wasn't focused on the business side until I went on our first world tour with my sister Gangsta Boo with her hit song "Where Dem Dollas At" Tour. This was in 1998."

Eric Mitchell was gaining experience in music and how to promote and network. He would attend radio stations on time for interviews and shows as a teenager, EGutta was making a name for himself. He recalls learning but was still young and soaking up music; however, he didn't take it seriously.

When Eric was around 17 and 18 years old ,he was still trying to figure out how to make money. Eric applied and worked a few jobs that did not last long. In 1999 and the early 2000s, Eric moved to East Memphis and became heavily involved in the Streets. Eric evolved from dealing drugs to robbery and theft and to EGutta it was a normal day.

EGutta says, "So my lifestyle was different from others when I would leave the suburbs at my sister's house in Alpharetta,GA. I was still living in a one bedroom apartment with my mother and brother in East Memphis off of Lamar and Winchester. A far away lifestyle than in Atlanta."

He says,"I could have stayed in ATL at the times but I was young and making dumb decisions. And I had four aggravated robbery warrants at the time. It was a lot going on in my life."

Eric EGutta Mitchell definitely went through alot and made many sacrifices for his life and career. His actions ultimately caught up with him and was incarcerated in Memphis at the Penal Farm. Eric served 53 months from 2005 to 2009.

He says, "That was a tough bid. I was in my early 20's and it taught me a lot on how to do time and how to survive. I was on the charges with Snootie Wild (Team Yayo) so we had to go through adversity at a young age to understand where we were heading at that time." He also states, "I was released on July 2, 2009 and was reincarnated in Mississippi in August 2009. It changed my life drastically!"

End Of Part 1: Revelation of EGutta Of 36 Mafia

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