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The Rise Of R & B Singer Tikeena Driver, Be On The Lookout For Her Latest Single "Cold Cold Drank"

The Rise Of R & B Singer Tikeena Driver, Be On The Lookout For Her Latest Single "Cold Cold Drank"

Tikeena Driver having fun by the poolside!


Tikeena Driver is an american singer and songwriter born in Dyersburg, Tennessee.

Her father is originally from Ripley and her mother is from Halls, Tennessee. She reflects on her musical journey traveling from Ripley, Dyersburg and Nutbush, Tennessee about conversations between her and her mother. Tikeena says, "Mother would say, It is a bad girl from here named "Tina Turner." This ultimately set a tone for the rest of Tikeena's career.

Driver has been into music her entire life. She reflects back to when she was a young child watching "Soul Train" every Saturday morning and how that inspired her to pursue her passion for music and piano. With the support of her parents, Tikeena began her dream career in Visual Arts Performances by entering into plays and contests.


At the age of 11, Tikeena won 3rd place for her musical performance singing one of Janet Jackson's hit songs, "Control".

Tikeena Driver went on to become a high-end fashionista and hairstylist, with influences by Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and The Floaters.

By the time she was 28 years old, Tikeena won 2nd place in her stage performance singing her version of Whitney Houston's song entitled, "I Will Always Love You."

Two years later, Driver received a personal phone call from the legendary Blues Singer Marvin Sease's assistant. They offered Tikeena the opportunity of singing background for him during his "Blues City Tour" in the Fall of 2010.


Rice Park In Ripley, Tennessee

As Tikeena continued to rise, she became the Vice President and Spokesperson for the "Stop The Violence" campaign and Advocate for Community Outreach at Rice Park in Ripley, Tennessee. Tikeena immersed herself in assisting the youth in plays and taught them "We shall over come song."

Tikeena states that church also played a major part of her career and desire to sing and play piano. She says, " It was always something about when the choir would sing and the church pianist would perform that would have me sitting on the edge of my sit! It was the spirit and I knew that music was the route for me."


Upcoming Projects

Tikeena Driver latest single release is scheduled for early November, 2020.

Tikeena is also a songwriter and has written over 25 songs over the length of her career.

She carries the musical spirits of Issac Hayes, Tina Turner and Alex Haley as the root of her motivation to write music.

Be on the lookout for the Rising Star Tikeena Driver. She is definitely a force of musical power!


Life In Entertainment sits down to talk with Tikeena Driver.

For more information about Tikeena Driver and her upcoming single, please click on the link below.

Media Contact

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Tikeena Driver


By Gena Heelz
Life In Entertainment



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