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The Original Carmike,Against All Odds Still Dropping The Hottest Tracks! Latest Single "Pray For Me"

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Michael Mosby Professionally Known As Carmike Grew Up In The Infamous North Memphis Neighborhood Smoky City.

In 1992, At The Age Of 16, Carmike Officially Launched His Musical Career.  He Formed A Music Group With 3 Other Members: Hurricane, Wolf and Romeo. They Would Later Go On To Form The Infamous Hip-Hop Group "G Style". G Style Became Famous For Creating The "Gangster Walk" Dance.


Through A Musical Contact, Carmike Began A Deep Friendship And Musical Collaboration With Kingpin Skinnypimp Of 36 Mafia That Still Exists This Very Day. Skinnypimp Provided Carmike With An Opportunity To Record Tracks With Someone Who Already Had Notoriety And Success In The Hip-Hop Industry.

As A Pupil Of Skinnypimp, Carmike's Reputation Began To Grow And After A Short Amount Of Time His Identity Within Association With Skinnypimp, Carmike Began Doing Features With DJ Paul, Juicy J, Koopsta Knicca And Lord Infamous Of 36 Mafia.


Despite Having A Loving And Supportive Family Around Him And A Musical Career Starting To Develop Carmike Grew Up Rebellious And Fell Victim To Pressures From Classmates At School And Individuals Running The Streets Of Memphis Like Gangs, Drug Dealers And Other Life Draining People. Carmike Experienced Several Run-Ins With The Law Starting At Age 15 And In 1995, At The Age Of 19, Carmike Was Involved In An Altercation Through His Gang Affiliation That Resulted In The Worst Possible Outcome. A Life Was Lost And Carmike Served More Than 20 Years In Prison As A Result.


While In Prison, Carmike Had More Time Than He Needed To Reflect On His Life And He Knew A Change Of Direction Was Needed. Carmike Wrote Numerous Verses And Tracks While In Prison And Prepared His Mind For His Return To Life Beyond The Prison Walls. 

Carmike's New Path Has Led Him To The Love Of His Life And New Wife, Tori. He Has Dedicated Himself To His New Family Of 5 As Well As Regaining His Professional Music Career. 


Carmike Serves As A Mentor To Young Children By Educating Them On His Negative Experiences And Choices In Life To Ensure That They Do Not Make The Same Mistakes As He Once Did. His Eldest Son Is A Clone Of Himself And Is A Newly Minted Police Officer In Holly Springs, Mississippi. The Modern Day Carmike Is Humble, Passionate, Caring, Loyal, Loving, Driven, And Dedicated. He Puts Others Ahead Of Himself, He Is Intelligent, Personable, Takes A Collaborative Approach To His Work And Life In General.

Carmike Is A Master Of His Own Craft.

Carmike's latest single "Pray For Me" is NOW Streaming On Google Play.


For More Information About The Original Carmike Click On The Link Below. 


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