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The Bronx Has Given Birth To A Hip-Hop Prodigy, Alhaji Barrie, known as “AJ Supa Fly” (ASF)


In a time where rappers other than New York rappers dominate the landscape of Hip-Hop, the Bronx, New York, the birthplace of Hip-Hop has seen a resurgence to the art form it gave birth to with such artists as Cardi B and A-Boogie, both Bronx natives. Yet, so far removed is the time when New York Hip-Hop dominated the rap industry in its conception with hard gritty beats and witty metaphors, has seen its place in the industry diminish with the emergence of Southern artists who used a more simplistic play on words with a melodically driven spin on the art form.


UNTIL NOW…once again, the Bronx has given birth to a HipHop Prodigy, who combines the metaphoric tradition of New York HipHop with the melodic cadence that Hip-Hop has seen in the past ten years. Eighteen year old, Alhaji Barrie, known as “AJ Supa Fly” (ASF), has been combining quotable Hip-Hop metaphors since the age of thirteen, with catchy melodies that are sure to stick with its listeners in this new generation of Hip-Hop.

Born to Nigerian parents who migrated to New York in 1987, where ASF was born in 2001. The youngest of six children, ASF’s parents having been made aware of the harsh realities of young black males in major urban cities like New York due to a traumatic experience that would shape their family forever; made a conscious decision to establish stricter parenting for him moving forward. ASF attended ASM II Charter School where out of his love for Hip-Hop, he participated in the music club and learned the relevant history of Hip-Hop, along with other forms of music. It was here that ASF began to entertain the idea of becoming a rapper, honing his skills and discovering his talents. He decided “I have something to say, they need to know how good I am.”

Upon graduation in 2018, ASF was accepted into NYU at seventeen years old. While at NYU, he signed with Stand Down Management and New Road Records to begin his career as New York’s new high bred version of HipHop!


ASF’s first single “Wake Up” will give his female audience that melodic sound they love which has surpassed 60k streams on Spotify and his second single “Shots” will give the streets the metaphoric lyrics missing from HipHop today. His EP “The Rookie” will be released by 1st quarter along with visuals directed by Queens, New York born director Qasquiat (Kah-skee-ott) known for Lil Uzi Vert’s “Free Uzi” video, will have viewers dialed in with cinematically stunning shots that ride the melodic rhythm and metaphoric punch lines of ASF’s lyrics like a seamless flow of hip-hop opus.

Don’t sleep on this “Young Genius” ASF, he’s next up to set the lifestyle and trends that will have his peers and the industry wanting more!











Courtesy of Maribel⚘

Public Relations Assistant 

Multi Artistry Ent.


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