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Steve Brown, An American Actor, Director, Writer & Comedian

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Steve Brown is the CEO of Steve Brown Productions. His passion for performance arts formed when he was a mere teenager. It started with a summer camp through the City of Memphis. It was called “Echoes of Truth”. Steve was trained by the best, Flo Roach, Reginald Gaston, Minister Courtney Franklin and the list goes on. For six weeks during camp the students had to learn songs, act and dance.


Steve Brown was able to perform in front of thousands at the Memphis historic Orpheum Theater. The passion left but came back in the summer of 2016 when he debuted in his first adult stage play called “Clean This House”. After that production, Steve became lead actor in productions such as:

“Speak to your Mountain” (Total Spirit Ministries), “Significant Other”(Larry Nutall Productions),” Sex Play” (MAW Productions), “Survivors Story” (Amy Stuckey).


Steve Brown was so successful as lead actor in multiple productions that he excelled to the next level of his career when he decided to have his own production company. It was a sold out performance that added to his credibility as owner of a performance Arts company. The stage play called “Men Gossip Too”.This show sold out three consecutive times and after great responses he decided to right another stage play entitled “Work Husband”.

During the writing on this production Steve Brown was also recording his very 1st miniseries titled, “The Collins” A Steve Brown Productions. This mini series and the three sold out shows towards the follow up production opened so many doors for Brown.


Steve Brown is currently doing promo runs and is in the process of taking his amazing stage play “The Work Husband” on the road.

Steve states that, “All of this would have not been possible with such great support and great mentors like Larry Nutall, Tauris Hines and Amy Stuckey. Thanks Memphis I Love You.”


For more inquiries about Steve Brown please click on the links below.


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