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Starnisha 'Starr Quality' Carpenter Is A Recording Artist & Reality TV Actor

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Starnisha"Starr Quality" Carpenter is an up and coming artist and reality tv personality. She grew up in Memphis, Tennessee with humble beginnings.

Starr Quality later moved to North Atlanta at the age of 15.


Life for Starnisha on the North side of Atlanta was very difficult. She overcame alot of obstacles such as being homeless and as her last resort, Carpenter was forced to sleep inside of the Atlanta airport. She was in and out of jail and was a victim of domestic violence and assault that nearly caused Starr Quality her life.


Five years ago, Starnisha "Starr Quality " Carpenter decided to take control of her life and go back to school. She enrolled in college and upon her completion Starnisha received her graduate's degree as a licensed cosmetologist.


Ms. Carpenter became a proud mother of a healthy and bright little boy. She says," Being a single mother and raising a young king motivates me to show my son that it is ok to follow his dreams".

Starr Quality also states that "I entertain because I know a lot of ppl in this world has been thru similar things that I have."

She wants to show them that they are not alone; therefore, Starr Quality entertains the audience to share her story in a form of musical expressions.


Starr Quality has taken on another film project for an up and coming reality show called "Trap Queens of Atlanta".

The show is based around four women from more of an urban aspect called "Trap Queens" from each sides of Atlanta, GA. It shows the women in more of a personal setting on pursuits of a successful music career.


Starr Quality says, "I am the Queen of the Nawf!" With confidence, sex appeal and lyrical talents to match.

Ms. Carpenter began performing three years ago in Memphis, Tennessee at "Hernando Hideaway" in South Memphis, Tennessee. Since then Starr Quality has been successfully performing all over Atlanta!


For more information on booking/hosting Starr Quality click on the link below:


"Gena Heelz and Starr Quality would like to take time to encourage anyone who is being abused, homeless or have thoughts of suicide to seek help.

The links below are confidential and is a safe way to contact someone that is skilled to help."

You are also "Starr Quality "


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