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SPORTS NEWS: College Football Playoff Selection Show: Instant Reaction Quotes


ESPN exclusively revealed the College Football Playoff Selection Committee’s playoff teams at 12:15 p.m. ET, with host Rece Davis and analysts Kirk Herbstreit, Joey Galloway, Jesse Palmer and David Pollack. Chris Fowler also joined the show.

The following are instant reaction quotes:


On No. 1 LSU:

Herbstreit: “It has been a long time since we have seen anything like LSU’s offense.”

Palmer: “It appears to me that the committee has looked closely at LSU, the team, peaking at the right time, playing their best football now and getting in over [Ohio State] who had been more complete over the course of an entire season and 13 games.”

Pollack: “It’s been crazy fans for a long time. LSU fans are nuts. Now they are losing their minds.”

Pollack: “Look at the offense and the way that whole team has changed. They have a legitimate chance to win a national title.”

Pollack: “It’s been fun to watch them grow throughout the season and I don’t think that anyone up here is going to say there is a defense in there that can stop them consistently.”

Fowler: “SEC Championship was virtual road game for LSU. It was filled with Georgia fans and from the beginning, LSU handled the pressure of a postseason game for the first time. They go on the road, in a game they were told they didn’t even have to win to be in the playoff, and they were dominant from the start. That is why they got number one, not because of anything Ohio State didn’t do.”

On No. 2 Ohio State:


Herbstreit: “Ohio State is going to feel slighted [with being ranked No. 2]. Clemson and Ohio State have something to prove.”

Galloway: “[In the CFP Semifinal], Ohio State will be better than they were all season long.”

Davis: “Three straight weeks of emotional games, really hard to be ready for the third one. I don’t dock Ohio State one iota about having a sluggish first half.”

Galloway: “This team knew they were going to this place. You can see it building, You can see the confidence building.”

Pollack: “Ohio State’s defense has been consistent… they’ve showed out every single week. Their [Ohio State and LSU] resumes are pretty close, strength of record is pretty close, game control is pretty close, so I will take what I saw throughout a whole season and I would put Ohio State at No. 1.”

On No. 3 Clemson:


Herbstreit: “Clemson may be better than when they won it all a year ago.”

Palmer: “This is the first year the No. 3 is feared… it’s always been No. 1 and No. 2, then everyone else. Clemson is the team you want to avoid.”

Galloway: “Clemson can’t wait to get back on the field because they have been disrespected along the way.”

Fowler: “Clemson’s roster has playoff experience, winning playoff experience. Ohio State really doesn’t have it. I think that matters a lot.”

On No. 4 Oklahoma:


Galloway: “All [Oklahoma quarterback] Jalen Hurts does is win.”

Galloway: “Oklahoma can beat anyone because they can score points… they will not be an easy out.”

Herbstreit: “Oklahoma does it differently; they run the ball and, LSU’s strength is stopping the run.”

Davis: “Jalen Hurts has played on three teams that have faced LSU. He is 3-0 against them.”

Pollack: “They’re a totally different team. That Kyler Murray and Baker Mayfield show that entered the playoff… that is not what you’re watching anymore. Lincoln Riley is still one of the best but this is still different. They are piecing it together a little bit differently.”

New Year’s Six Matchups

ESPN’s exclusive Selection Day show continued with the announcement of New Year’s Six matchups at 3 p.m.

The following are instant reaction quotes:


Rose Bowl Game Presented by Northwestern Mutual:

No. 6 Oregon vs. No. 8 Wisconsin

Galloway: “That Oregon team that [played in the Pac-12 Championship] looks like they could go toe-to-toe with Wisconsin and be physical in handling the line of scrimmage.”

Allstate Sugar Bowl:

No. 5 Georgia vs. No. 7 Baylor

Pollack: “This is two physical defenses. There will be no shortage of good line play in this game.”

Herbstreit: “Georgia better show up motivated, because Matt Rhule will have Baylor ready to roll.”

Capital One Orange Bowl:


No. 9 Florida vs. No. 24 Virginia

Galloway: “This is a great chance for the ACC to make a statement.”

Palmer: “It’s been the best passing offense they [Florida] have had since Tim Tebow was playing quarterback.”

Pollack: “You know what you’re getting with Virginia. They are always going to be physical. They are always going to give you everything they got.”

Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic:

No. 10 Penn State vs. No. 17 Memphis

Galloway: “The American gets a chance to earn some respect if they can go in and win this game.”

Herbstreit: “That’s three teams from the Big Ten in New Year’s Six bowl games. That’s a big accomplishment for that conference; shows the depth especially up at the top of the conference.”

Pollack: “This should be a fun matchup on the field… with Penn State’s secondary versus the weapons and Memphis’ offense.”

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