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Social Media Viral Influencer And Influential Businessman: Comedian Terrance “Big ProdaJ” Joyner


Social Media Viral Influencer And Influential Businessman: Comedian Terrance “Big ProdaJ” Joyner


Terrance “Big ProdaJ” Joyner is a Social Media Entertainer that was born December 10, 1986 in Memphis, TN. He grew up in South Memphis in a community called,

"Foote Homes" in a single parent household by his mother.


Big ProdaJ played sports throughout school to stay out of trouble and graduated from Booker T. Washington High School in 2005. After his high school graduation, he attended Tennessee State University. Terrance was apart of a music group called, "Squad Pham".

The Group received a lot of recognition throughout Memphis and the rest of the south, but music wasn’t ProdaJ’s first love.


While attending TSU, Terrance majored in "Mass Communications" and had his own radio show called, "Skholar Made Radio, WTST – The Blaze", he graduated in 2009 and continued to do music. Around that time social media such as Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Twitter and etc...was gaining mass popularity. Social media developed a broad platform for independent developers to create content with great possibilities for discovery as well as freedom of speech.

Terrance was inspired and soon became a popular social media influencer.


In August 2018, Big ProdaJ started doing skits and has appeared in other social media comedy skits from various entertainers. He has done small roles for a few unreleased movies as well.


In 2019, he made a Cameo in two music videos which were Lvshvun – “Meantime” & Hot Boy Turk – “Hot Girls. One of his Comedy Skits titled “The Help” made it to Worldstar on 9/12/19 and again on 9/15/19.


Big ProdaJ continues to drop skits on all his Social Media. One of his favorite motto’s “Dreams and Goals don’t have an expiration date."


Terrance is one of Memphis,TN "Stars of Tomorrow"

For further information about Big ProdaJ, please click on the links below.

You can also follow him on all Social Media at @BigProdaJ

Media Contact:

Terrance "Big ProdaJ" Joyner



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