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Show Me Who You Are Working For? Minister John Taylor Jr. Quotes As He Carry Out The Work Of God

Show Me Who You Are Working For? Minister John Taylor Jr. Quotes As He Carry Out The Work Of God


Minister John Taylor Jr., was born in Peoria, Illinois and was later adopted through Catholic Charities by two wonderful loving parents, The Late John Albert Taylor Sr. & Letha Ann Taylor. He was raised in Jackson, Mississippi and sang in the Lanier Superior rated Choir, from 9th grade to 12th until he graduated.


One day while attending class, Minister Taylor came up with the song “Show Me Who You Working For.” The Song idea came from a hip-hop artist name Mystical, whose hit song at that time was entitled, “Shake It Fast.” He was able to turn the theme around with a twist of Gospel and change of Melody with rhythm that God placed in his heart. He was quoted saying, "We work toward many things in life but forget about working for the Lord. That’s why I asked the question, Show Me Who You Working For?


John Taylor Jr. is the founder of John Jr. Gospel Ministries, also his label John Jr. Gospel Productions Inc. Through this outreach ministry, the "God Loves You Conference" and the "God Loves You Community Festival"was organized. Minister Taylor received his first record deal with "Prosperity Records" when he was fifteen under the leadership of Bishop Adam T. Sanders, a producer and world renowned musician. In 2012, he signed with a national label called, "TATE MUSIC GROUP" with a digital distribution deal. Minister Taylor has performed in Harlem, New York, Plain Field, New Jersey, Land Over, Maryland, Richmond, Virginia, at The Gospel Music Workshop in Detroit, MI and all over the south. He has opened for The Canton Spirituals, Dotties People’s, Lee Williams & Spiritual QC’s and many others. Minister John Taylor Jr. is definitely showing the world that he is working for the Lord.

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