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Robert Jamison Is An American Actor, Director, Film & Musical Producer & A Compassionate Doctor

Updated: Nov 25, 2020


Robert Jamison, a dynamic Actor/Film Producer and Director he's an amazing Musical Producer and native Memphian born and raised in Shelby County, TN. January 6th 2019 he celebrated his 4th appearance on the Red Carpet at The 76th Golden Globe Awards and on January 19th, he Hosted The Temprees New Album CD Release Party with live performances from a variety of Legendary Recording Artist. 

This event was held at the Celebrity Centre Pavilion in Hollywood CA with a special Tribute to the Memphis Music Trio's Deljuan "Del" Calvin Harold "Scotty" Scott, Walter "Bo"Washington and Angelo Earl.


It was the Memphis Connection between the Group and Memphis' own Hollywood Actor Robert Jamison that made this event an evening to remember alone with another Memphian and recording artist Mr. Dennis Flowers Jr. As one of Memphis' Star Actor and Musical Producer January 29th Robert Inspired numerous radio listeners when he shed light on some of his struggles and adversity that had a significant impact on his life.

The story was an incredible testimony when he shared it live on air with over 10,500 Facebook listening audience. Robert was the Celebrity Guest on Dr. J's Black Book Radio Talk Show a live Broadcast at Legendary Motown artist, American icon and musical genius Stevie Wonder Radio Station KJLH located in Inglewood CA where over 10,500 viewers from Facebook tuned in for the show.


Currently, Robert is a working actor in Hollywood, CA and Founder of Rjai’s Production and Entertainment, a Los Angeles, California based productions company in affiliation with Global Content Media and Audience Unlimited Coordinating Sitcom Comedy TV Show(s) such as Dr. Ken, 2 Broke Girls, Disjointed, One Day at a Time, Raven’s House, Happy Friday, Man with a Plan, Mom, and The Neighborhood, starring Funnyman Cedric the Entertainer. 

Robert appeared in several featured films, the Gambler starring Mark Wahlberg, The Whitney Houston story directed by phenomenon movie actress, Angela Bassett and Straight Outta Compton by American Rappers Dr. Dre and Ice Cube.  Robert is seen in Jodi Arias Dirty Little Secret, Farmed and Dangerous and Married.


Also, Robert is a movie and concert producer, a Film/TV Stage Play actor.  His film credits include star roles in 3 Deonte’ Bolden movies titled “When Pride Comes Before the Fall”, the Price of Fame” and “Wicked”, a TV series.  He is the Co-Producer of the Syfy-Horror-Thriller movie, titled “Did You See That” starring Dragon Dronet’ from Alien Resurrection, Predator and Star Trek including Vince Foster from Spider-Man Homecoming and Passengers along with Powerman MC from “Welfare to Millionaire” and Three Six Mafia movie, “Choice 2”. 

Robert has been a part of three (3) musical hit stage plays and performed professionally in the “Year of the Diamond”, the Truth Musical Hit Stage Play and Cougar Blues Musical by Jerri Locke and “I Survived the Storm”, the musical.


Robert grew up in the heart of Midtown Memphis in a low-income housing community (Lamar Terrace).  Lamar Terrace has a newly developed site, now called the University Place.  Growing up, Robert’s beloved mother, Mary V. Lewis was an extraordinary influence in his life. With deepest sympathy, his mother passed away on September 6, 2012, due to her struggle with Stage 4 lung cancer. 

Her death was painful for Robert and his entire family but Robert found a therapeutic way for his mother’s legacy to live on.  Through the various health conditions and hardships his mother and family endured, it played a significant role in the triumph of Dr. Robert Jamison, Ph.D. accomplishments and success in healthcare.

On December 12, 2012, Robert relocated to Los Angeles, CA, known by most as the (City of Angels) where he found his purpose after hitting rock bottom in his personal life. Fifteen (15) days later, December 27, 2012, Robert began his acting career with the help of his best friend, actor, Stephane Solar from the movie, “Midnight Warrior” and “Speak of the Devil!”

Stephane helped Dr. Robert Jamison, Ph.D. transition from a healthcare professional to one of Hollywood’s newest and upcoming actors and he took the gifts and talents that God gave him in his healthcare profession and in the entertainment industry and learned how to connect the two.  He bridged healthcare and entertainment with community initiatives internationally.


For those who know Robert, understand that his passion has always been about giving back to the community and building platforms to catapult others towards fulfilling their dreams and aspirations, ultimately their destinies. His work always provides opportunities for the underprivileged and unsung talent in his community and beyond.

 #MakingDreamsComeTrue. Robert’s goal is to now use his past acting experience to inspire new upcoming actors and actresses and provide them with the resources on how to jump start their acting careers by working closely with him and his comradery such as casting directors, movie directors, executive producers, filmmakers and set production crew members.


Robert produced a film titled, “Surviving Tough Times”, directed by Bernard L. Eatmon.  This film is a gripping story about Dr. Robert Jamison, Ph.D., a Memphis Healthcare Professional who went through various hardships of abuse, addiction, heartache, death, and homelessness with a quest for redemption.

Also, Robert wrote the movie “Surviving Tough Times”, because he was beaten down by life and discouraged that led to sadness and failures.  He used this project to highlight the great city of Memphis, Tennessee because he is proud of where he comes from and wanted to send positive messages to raise awareness for a number of causes such as Healthcare, Domestic Violence, and Homelessness.

This film sheds light on Robert’s struggles and how he learned to survive as well as how he crafted a new path to live under the most unusual set of circumstances.  It shares a story around youth gang violence, drugs and what could happen to teens if they end up on the wrong path and where it could lead them.

Robert Jamison, has worked with a number of celebrities and award-winning directors, writers, actors, actresses, producers, singers, songwriters and musicians, including some of your favorite comics from BET/Comic View, Michael Colyar, actress and comedienne, Ms. Arkansas, comedian, Annie McFunny, McNight CeCe Strong, Nate Duhon, Memphis Will and star actress Kallahl Harris from Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns.


Robert is an IPO Funding owner of Punch TV Studios located on Channel 64 in Los Angeles California he's an amazing Playwright, Director and Executive Producer of his own musical Hit Stage Play, titled “I Survived the Storm” alongside Tyler Perry’s former Stage Manager, the legendary, Sir. Anthony Kinniebrew from the “Why Did I Get Married” Theatrical productions.  Robert is also working with the creators of the new Car Wash Musical written by Demi Sloane, a Normal Whitfield story directed and choreographed by Otis Sallid. 

The creator of “Smoky Joe’s Café”, tells the story behind Motown Super producer and songwriter, Norman Whitfield starting his own record label and the creation of the fabulous and successful 1970’s soul-funk group, Rose Royce, with the music that featured and captured them along with many other artists, to stardom. The musical is set in Los Angeles, California and Hollywood in 1973.


Robert has been published in several news journals such as the Long Beach Times and The Way To Happiness news paper, The Memphis Business Journal and he's been featured in the 2Unique Magazine an amazing story written by Roshunda Buchanan.

He has been on several radio stations throughout southern California and appeared on Chundra Standback TV Show a live taping from Hollywood CA. Robert has hosted numerous concerts and fundraisers for charitable organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Heroes of Life, TTT Veterans Wellness Center, the San Miguel Foundation for Diabetes Treatment and is deemed the book ambassador for the Way to Happiness



Jamison is the Musical Producer for the Legendary Temprees and Executive Producer of The Temprees documentary Bio-Pic Co-Producer of their new CD, titled “From the Heart”. TheTemprees are an American soul vocal trio from Memphis, Tennessee, most popular during the 1970’s.  The band released several albums on “We Produce” records, an offshoot of Stax Records.  In 1972, the band performed in front of more than 100,000 fans at the famous Wattstax festival in Los Angeles, California. Recently, Robert Jamison teamed up with Heal the Hood Foundation of Memphis to help raise money to build the Hero Empowerment Center through his Way to Happiness Booklets with an effort to support our inner city youth through education, music edutainment, and empowerment. 

The Way to Happiness book is a common sense moral code with 21 precepts where he passionately knows his medical community including teachers, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, patients and administrators and how they all greatly benefit.  The booklets have been very instrumental in uniting gang rivals, the Bloods and the Crips in Los Angeles, CA resulting in them declaring a “truce” in year 2016!  This epic demonstration took place on the national news, headlining “HELL HAD FROZEN OVER”!


 Over the past six (6) years, Robert Jamison has worked closely with countless award-winning legendary recording artists such as Andre Ray, former lead singer of group LTD., Shane Coleman, Positive Source Brand featuring Ricky Abernathy, creator and original member of Lakeside, Hank Dixon and Defrantz Forrest, lead singers of the Motown Originals, Bernard Gibson’s former lead singer of Dennis Edwards Temptations Review, the Dramatics, Freda Payne, Sherrie Payne and Mary Wilson of the Supremes, Martha Taylor LaCroix, the Delfonics, Grammy Nominated, Mike Majik Boyd, King James Brown, Dennis Flowers, Jr. Mr. Lee and Titus members of th KG Veteran Band, The Temprees, Barkays and Aretha Franklin’s music director, HB Barnum just to name a few.


To view Robert Jamison’s acting credentials please visit his website(s) at:


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