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R&B's Most Influential Soulmen, Legendary Icon Lenny Williams Returns With New Album And Hit Single


Legendary R& B Icon Lenny Williams returns with a new single titled, "Southern Girl", this track definitely has the potential to be a classic. Lenny Williams is renowned for his perennial smash "Cause I Love You" and as the former lead singer of power ("So Very Hard To Go" "What Is Hip" "You're Still A Young Man.")

"Southern Girl" will delight Lenny Williams fans and introduce music lovers not yet familiar with his smooth soulful delivery. Williams possesses one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary music with his passionate vocal style. Lenny Williams is regarded as one of R&B's most influential soulmen.

Lenny Williams latest album with hit single "Southern Girl", available on all platforms!

With Gena Heelz
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GH 01.30.2021


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