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Outgoing And Inspiring: Notable Radio Personality, Vanessa Morgan Is Definitely Breaking Barriers


Vanessa Morgan is a radio personality connected with the company Poze Productions/Poze Records Inc. She has been airing her own online radio station for approximately six years.

Vanessa is the CEO of VaMo Radio, which she founded in April of 2018.


Vanessa has worked with and interviewed many celebrities including: DJ Kid Capri, Actress/Supermodel Eugenia Kuzmina, Grammy-Winning Producer Brent Fischer, former A&R of Def Jam Records Michael Neely, Robert Bell of 'Kool & the Gang', Film Producer Dawn Noel, TV Personality/Celebrity & Wedding Designer Samantha Goldberg, Professional Model Celai West, Celebrity Chefs Jerome Brown and Ryan Rondeno, Singer/Songwriter Cherie Oakley, and many more.

Vanessa Morgan is the editor of the official Poze Magazine, a columnist at Grit Daily News. She also promotes companies, musicians, and celebrity events.


Vanessa says, "My major goal is to network with professional businesses in the music industry, as well as produce collaborations with business professionals to create an innovative, creative, friendly, and overall successful music industry.

I enjoy discovering continuous outlets to promote, enhance, and provide opportunities for hardworking, dedicated artists/musicians. My major goal is to network with businesses in multiple industries including the music, radio, television, and film industry, as well as produce collaborations with professionals to create innovative, friendly, and overall successful partnerships."


More information about Vanessa Morgan is located in the links below.


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Vanessa Morgan



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