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Michael Jai White Thanks Fans and Announces Pre-Production for The Outlaw "Johnny Black"

The brothers who brought you Black Dynamite saddle up for The Outlaw Johnny Black


On October 3, 2019—In a short video, Michael Jai White today announced The Outlaw Johnny Black, the follow-up movie to his cult hit Black Dynamite, is in pre-production.

“We are officially in pre-production and we’re making the movie,” said Michael, while standing on-location with various cast and crew, including Byron Minns. “Now my company Jaigantic has the perfect partnership and we’ll be bringing you the type of movies you’ll never see anywhere else. Thank you for your support and now we’re about to have some fun.”

Jaigantic has tapped Leah Daniels Butler (Empire/Eddie Murphy’s Coming 2 America) for casting and Micheal Bearden (Michael Jackson’s This is It/Lady Gaga’s Music Director) for the film's original music and score. 

Phase II of The Outlaw Johnny Black campaign will deliver on its promise to Michael’s core fans and supporters by providing exclusive, behind the scenes footage as well as opportunities to participate in the film and attend special events. According to White, “this is only the beginning.”

About Jaigantic Studios Jaigantic Studios is a high-octane production company, led by international film and television star, leading man, and top martial artist, Michael Jai White. The JAIGANTIC brand honors the pedigree created by Michael Jai White, and is dedicated to developing, producing, and distributing high-end content focused on positive heroes and powerful narratives set in the genres of action, drama, and comedy.

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Speed Demon
Speed Demon
Oct 12, 2019

Oh snap I loved him in Universal Soldiers .

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