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Kingston, Jamaica's Rising Star: Natral Lbs Is An International Reggae Recording Artist, Producer

Updated: Dec 28, 2019


Born Dwight Andre' Doyley on September 19, 1984 is an international Reggae, Dancehall and Hip Hop Recording Artist, Songwriter and Producer known as Natral Lbs, grew up on Elgin & Ivy Road, Kingston/ Cross Roads area. He later relocated to Browns Town, St. Ann where he was brought up in a humble household. With his Grandmother being an independent dressmaker; Natral learned from a young age the importance of hard work. Natral Lbs worked on his Grandfather's farm in Hampstead, St. Mary every summer. However, the ethics of his hard work is still shown in his dedication to his music.


"Life is miraculously made."Natral Lbs

"Music for me is passion... what will manifest, Whether it's richness in health and increased wisdom and knowledge."


It is very evident through his music that reggae is not just a genre of music. Reggae is Natral Lbs way of expressing his most truest self and bring the listeners into a world of spoken truth, faith, love and wisdom.

The Jamaican born and grown artist wishes to leave a legacy that will impact the youth positively. He said it perfectly:

"Legacy... hopefully that will be the truest manifestation of myself. Not only me, but di youths and for all those who believe in the unbelievable."

Natral Lbs, is what the music industry would categorize as a multifaceted artist. He records the sort of music one can say is pure unadulterated reggae, where the beat is slow and the vibe is laid back like a Sunday afternoon. But on the other hand, other tracks can be classified as world-class dancehall hits. His recording prowess and energetic flow is what makes Natral Lbs a template for the future of reggae.

Working with various artists, Natral Lbs is in his element when he is recording music. In talks with international producers who have been known to work with some of the world's best known rappers and artists, it is very evident to Natral Lbs that he will continue to create music for as long as he can. It is his passion and like a painter needs to paint, recording music is a part of who Natral Lbs is and always will be.

As a proud Jamaican, Natral Lbs is on the cusp of becoming one of Jamaica's well known artists. Signed to JGR MUSIC PRODUCTIONS LIMITED, he has worked with other artists such as Arnaul Tranquil from France, Jayel More from USA, etc.

"Show Love", his latest. The single is beautifully recorded and is a testament to the work ethic that Natral Lbs is known for.

Without giving away too much, Natral Lbs is already in the studio working on some new music so stayed tuned to his social media.


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