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International Bikini Model Search Announced Brand Ambassador For 2020: Sexy Vixen Miranda Bryant

International Bikini Model Miranda Bryant

International Bikini Model Search Announced Brand Ambassador For 2020: Sexy Vixen Miranda Bryant


International Bikini Model Miranda Bryant

On a spring day, April 27,1988, a quiet and curious baby girl was born in the "Windy City". This little infant would be given the named, "Miranda Mariah Bryant."She was bright-eyed, creative, and unique from Day one. Her parents even put her in a "baby beauty pageant," and she won at the young age of three! She excelled at everything she did.. even at such a young age.. her Parents stated, "Miranda is Different."


International Bikini Model Miranda Bryant

In 1992, a young Miranda moved to the blossoming suburbs of Collierville, Tennessee. She begins reading and participating in Tap Dance, Baton Twirling, Singing, and Drawing. She Loved to create and entertain.

The years K-8 were heavily focused on creativity, chorus, and Honors Chorus. Once she got to High School, Miranda then began Private vocal lessons.

After completing high school in 2006, Miranda enjoyed hanging out with friends, and having a good time. "Everyday was a PARTY!" Miranda says.


International Bikini Model Miranda Bryant

In 2007, she was approached by a local artist. He wanted to take photographs of her, and believed she had potential. He asked her to be in a music video, and his beautiful wife would be the make-up artist. She was instantly attracted to the ENTERTAINMENT industry.

In 2010, Miranda headed to The Wild, Wild West. She moved to the Los Angeles Area.. first moving to Malibu, California. She participated in beauty pageants :

▪︎Miss Malibu USA 2010

( filmed a pilot show for the channel "E")

▪︎Miss Los Angeles County USA 2011

( " Best Evening Gown Award ")

( " Most Caring Award " )

▪︎Miss California USA 2012

( owned by Donald Trump at the time)

Miranda Bryant also made some appearances on a couple game shows " Let's Make a Deal!" With Wayne Brady, and "BAGGAGE" with Jerry Springer ( which landed on Entertainment Weekly's "Top Guilty Pleasure)


International Bikini Model Miranda Bryant

Eventually, Miranda moved back to her hometown of Collierville, TN.

Miranda wanted to get back to her roots.

In 2017, She starred in a local indie film, "Red Velvet Cake".

This film was featured in MULTIPLE film festivals :

▪︎ Indie Memphis Film Festival

▪︎ Unreal Film Festival

Also, a Canadian Film Festival, as well.

This would work towards making Miss Bryant an "International Sensation."


International Bikini Model Miranda Bryant

That same season, she became involved with The International Bikini Model Search, which specializes in launching careers for Models & Photographers, and other Industry Professionals. This experience changed her life forever.

Miranda states, "She is quite excited, honored, thankful, and humble for this opportunity"


The Future is only looking-up for Miss Bryant... and she has some serious magic up that sleeve of hers.

Life In Entertainment Sits Down With International Model Miranda Bryant

For more information about Miranda Bryant, please click on the link below.

Media Contact:

Miranda Bryant


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