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In High Demand By Record Companies, Lex Luga Is A Radio Personality And Host Of It's Lit! TV Show


Lex Luga “Da Backwood Ambassador” is CEO of the Mississippi based Souf State Connected (SSC) Marketing Group in addition to being a radio personality at 94.3fm (Jackson, Ms) and Tv Personality on It's Lit Tv(channel 18 in Jackson, Ms). Lex Luga is one of the most influential tastemakers in the Southern Region. Known in the music industry for his vast knowledge and networking skills, Lex Luga is highly sought after by major and independent labels for his ability to break artists in Mississippi and beyond.

Lex Begin his illustrious career in the music business back in 2003, when he formed the indie label, Souf State Connected Records and released Jacktown Music Vol. 1, Souf State Connected, a compilation that introduced the Southern market to his roster of dynamic artists. Borrowing a page from fellow music entrepreneurs like Master P and Sean “Puffy” Combs, they did countless local shows, slowly building their reputation in their home state and surrounding area. Pouring the profits from shows, merchandise and record sales back into his company Lex Luga acquired enough equipment to build a small studio, plus learned the fine points of marketing and music promotions. In addition, he had gained a vast network of musical professionals. Combing his newfound knowledge of the record industry with the formal education he received at Jackson State University (Lex holds a B.S. in Business Administration and a Minor in Marketing), Lex became capable of breaking not only his artists, but others as well.


It didn’t take long before a slew of other indie artists in his area started asking Lex to lend his marketing and promotional expertise toward breaking their projects. This led to Lex opening up his second business, SSC Marketing Group in 2009 and Souf State Management. Under the banner of SSC Marketing Lex developed a number of profitable avenues to help break new artists such as Dae Dae, YFN Lucci and Yung Bleu into the Mississippi Market. He also created the renowned “Hood Idol Tour” which is a platform designed to connect aspiring recording artists to industry professionals seeking new talent.

In addition to this, Hood Idol Tour artists also have the opportunity to learn some of the fine points of how to present themselves on stage as well as other aspects of being a professional performer which would be considered artist development. Lex Luga, who serves as the tour’s personal ambassador and host describes The “Hood Idol Tour” as “a brand within a brand.” As the Hood Tour brand grows so does Lex Luga’s brand as well. This has led him to other business opportunities for him. For example, he served as the assistant program director and on air personality for 94.3 FM in Jackson before moving on to host It’s Lit TV, a syndicated TV show that focuses on indie artists.


Lex Luga hosts an internet mix show that airs on several internet stations around the world, including on K-100 (Atlanta, GA), Power904 (Jacksonville, FL), Pure Truth Radio (Dallas, TX), LNS radio (Birmingham, AL), Stop Beefin Radio (Indiana, IN) and Global Urban Radio (Europe). Plus he has a mixtape series called “the Trafficking Mixtape Series" that has over 100,000 streams on various streaming platforms on the net.

Lex’s hard work and dedication in the music industry has landed him much acknowledgement as well as many industry awards. He is featured in various publications around the country, including journals such as Hype Magazine, Pure Truth Magazine and Swag Magazine. His awards include Mississippi Industry MVP for 2017, Hottest Movement of the Year 2018, CaJoKai 2018 Triple Threat award, Radio Personality of the Year Award for 2017 just to name a few and E.C.M.D. presented him with an RIAA Certified GOLD Record for his role in breaking major recording artists in his region.

Never content to sit back and rest on his laurels, Lex Luga is constantly on the move trying to help new artists become successful in the music industry. Staying true to his creed “invest in yourself and put God first, family second, and as long as you keep working hard toward your goal, money will come.” With his ambition, drive, determination and penchant for hard work, Lex is destined to become a music industry icon.




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