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HEROES DO EXIST: Ladell Beamon Is Working Hard To Make A Change In His Community

HEROES DO EXIST: Ladell Beamon Is Working Hard To Make Change In His Community



"Live in the moment, so you won't die outside of it."


LaDell Beamon is a native of Memphis, TN. Born from a single parent home, he is the product of a social miracle. He is the Founder/CEO of Heal the Hood Foundation of Memphis which is a 501 (c) 3 non for profit organization that uses the arts and media science to create social and economic change focusing on at risk youth and young adults. His story deals with music and arts saving his life as an only child growing up in the inner city. Music, writing, acting and martial arts was what God used to transform his life and it is the platform that charges his many "Super Powers", to challenge growth and transformation in the lives of thousands of youth and adults.

In the music film, Super Power, Beamon plays the New Super Hero Wake created by himself and Martheus Wade, comic book creator. In this romantic love story, he gives you a taste of his super powers, but focuses on the love of his life that his career as a hero will not allow him to entertain.


"What our youth see, they can become."

As a filmmaker, and writer, LaDell Beamon uses film as a tool for thought and transformation. In his interview with WREG News Channel 3, he delivers a very compelling story and picture on how he does just that.

Music and film, gives LaDell Beamon a pulpit to bring messages of hope to those from all walks of life. Being placed into martial arts at the age of 5 years old by his uncle that was murdered, he developed a love of the art. It just so happens that his first instructor was also Elvis Presley's instructor, Master Kang Rhee. It is strange that Elvis could sing and fight, and so can Beamon. This art is seen in the music films Super Power and Super Powers Gone. He is also working on an action film, "This Is My Hood."

"Films aren't just art imitating life for me, it's a tool to reprogram negative programming."

As a community activist, his life is dedicated to using all of his abilities to fight against the blights of life. He's not only a community activist, but a published author with his "Hood Fables Series" where he has partnered with animator Aaron " AJ" Liddell.


The comic book, "Evolution" is also a huge series that is dedicated to youth transformation, but unlocks the future with film projects and many other things in the making. The hero Wake, has a team and they reside in the city of Memphis, TN. Gotham has Batman, Metropolis has Superman, so why shouldn't Memphis have it's on real life hero?

In this amazing comic book, LaDell Beamon dives into a story about mentor-ship and responsibility. The team takes a trip to Little Mexico to rescue Ramanda who has superhuman abilities that become nuclear by the time she is 18. She is 15 and belongs to a Hispanic gang. This gives you a very clear picture of why LaDell Beamon is a mentor in real life. Youth have amazing abilities and if you shape them right, they can become heroes.

The climate is different right now, but as a remedy to hopelessness, LaDell Beamon continues to use his gifts for the betterment of humanity. Gone Viral is one of those projects that LaDell uses as a tool in so many ways. It features various youth and young adults that also are recording artists. His method of giving back happens without thinking. He is inclusive in his works and that is what makes this man a SuperHero.

LaDell Beamon (screenwriter, filmmaker, composer, director, producer, and youth advocate)

LaDell Beamon is a native Memphian, and he currently resides in the city of Memphis as CEO of Heal the Hood Foundation of Memphis. Beamon was born into a single parent home in which he was raised by his mother and grandmother. After seeing the lives of several youth being affected by the media, Beamon decided to use his talents of being a musician, writer, actor, producer, director and minister of the Gospel to become a catalyst for change through the arts. He has worked on several projects and has serviced over 400,000 youth with the powerful anti-social deviance tour known as The Wake Up Tour. Beamon is also the co-creator of Wake Up Tour Evolution Comic Book Series in which he doubles as the Super Powered Hero “Wake”. This work has added author to his list of many titles, and he still shows no signs of slowing down with a new book series entitled, “Hood Fables”.

He has worked with: Master P, Lil Romeo, Day 26, Vivica A. Fox, Gospel Legend John P. Kee, Ginuwine, Tank, Lil P-Nut, Trevor Jackson, Sammie, Jacob Latimore, Tiny, Robert Townsend, Michael Jai White, Taimak, Adolpho Shabbadoo Quinones, Christopher Williams and comic book creator Martheus Wade.

His newly developed passion is to complete the new youth and family facility called the "Hero Empowerment Center" that will house the first fully functional 4D theater in Memphis and a Museum of Heroes dedicated to urban, modern, fictional and non-fictional Heroes. The Hero Empowerment Center will be "The Light on the Hill"

Life In Entertainment Sit Down With Superhero Ladell Beamon

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