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"Einat Admony" A Renowned Modern Day Mediterranean Chef And Author of "Perfect Housewife" Rated Two

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Einat Admony wants Americans to know that Jewish food is more than the heavy, briny Eastern European dishes behind the glass at your typical Jewish deli. If you visit any of her modern Israeli restaurants in New York City, you’re more likely to find fresh, Mediterranean flavors.

After spending her childhood outside Tel Aviv, Admony served as a cook in the Israeli Army, spent a few months traveling around Germany, and then landed in New York City to begin her culinary career. She learned quickly in the kitchens of Patria, Bolo, Tabla, and Danube. In 2005, with her husband and business partner Stefan Nafziger, she opened Taïm, a quick-service falafel restaurant in Manhattan’s West Village. They have since opened locations in Nolita and Midtown and have more on the way.

In 2010, Admony launched an upscale Mediterranean restaurant, Balaboosta, which translates to “perfect housewife” in Yiddish (she has since closed the restaurant and will re-open this year). She wrote a cookbook by the same name in 2013, and in 2014 opened Bar Bolonat, a modern Israeli restaurant that received two stars from the The New York Times.

In June 2018, Admony opened Kish-Kash, a West Village restaurant where house-made Moroccan-style couscous is the star.

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Kish Kash

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