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Creating A New Sound In Musical History The Amazing Canadian Musician Levy Is Definitely On His Way

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Levy​ Delivers An Alternative To Hip-Hop With A Poetic Rock Touch!  Strumming His Guitar, Creating Melodies From The Age Of 5 Years Old. Levy​ Grew Up Around Classic Rock Inspirations Such As,"​The Doors, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Foo Fighters."

Levy Says, “Lose This Life”,  “Don’t Call It Rap, I Just Sing Flows.”  


Levy Reflects Over His Life And Says,"After Our Hockey Game Wins, We’d Always Play My Music And Sing Along, Celebrating A Victory." He Says, "That’s When I Knew That I Could Do This For A Long Time!"

Levy States That He Was 19 Years Old At The Time, He Says," I Just Turned 20 Years Old On June 10th 2019".  From Writing Lyrics And Musical Notes To The Composition You Listen To,  Levy Was Inspired By His Childhood Favorites, And Current Day Inspiration​ Juice World​.


Levy Has Been Creating His Very Own Musical

Style Since ​2018​.  ​Levy’s​ Flow And​ Writing Process Is Effortless, As The Composition Of Music Flows Naturally, And Seemingless. The World Would Call Levy’s Music ​A Mixture Of​ Alternative, R&B, Hip-Hop, Grunge, Rock; However, Levy ​Would Call It " ​Sad Hype​".  ​Levy ​Creates All His Music From Scratch, Without Producers Or Features. 


Levy Says," I Would Love To Have People See The Side Of Me That Loves Music To Its Core And The Process I Go Through In Making That Music. I Love The New Hip-Hop Instrumental Trends That Are Happening Right Now In Music. I Feel That Nobody Else Is Really Singing Over Those Beats, Why Not Be The First?”  

Levy ​Brings Alots Of Energy To His Music, As It Comes To Life, It Forms A Special Connection With His Listeners On A Deeper Level.

The Inspirations Of, "​Jim Morrison​ Of The Doors", The New Ages Brings You ​Levy Music​. 

Levy States That," My Music Is The New Wave, Sad Hype, Levy Is Taking Over!"


For More Information On Levy Please Click On The Links Below. 

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