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Cody CraZee American Rapper, Singer/Songwriter

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Cody CraZee was born in Memphis, Tennessee on September 6, 1993. Cody was raised in Covington, Tennessee and is the son of Stella Meade and Billy Jones. At the tender age of three, Cody realized his passion for music and was encouraged by his grandmother Rene Meade by presenting him with his first guitar.



At the age of ten, Charlotte Jones whom Cody CraZee calls "MawMaw" taught him how to play the piano and Cody excelled tremendously.

John Paul who is the uncle to Cody was another great musical benefactor by teaching him every form of guitar he knew.

In Jr. High school, Cody was a vocalist in each school year choir.

It was safe to say Cody's musical roots runs deep.



Once Cody CraZee went to high school he formed a band called "Unpleasant Meadows" which eventually became "As Skies Cave In". After many band member changes, "As Skies Cave In" consisted of five talented musicians:

Cody CraZee on Lead Guitar,

Brandon Daughtery On Rhythm Guitar,

Christian (Nemo) Oldham on Drums,

Christian Walton on Bass, and Vocals,

Blake Jones aka NxVx as the Frontman.

NxVx and Cody CraZee are brothers from the same parents and have been doing music together as children.


The band "As Skies Cave In" had minor success for five years headlining "the New Daisy Theatre" on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee twelve times.

Due to mismanagement issues the band came to an end. In that moment, Cody CraZee decided that he would not stop pursuing his career nor become discouraged from the love of his music.


In Mid 2013, Cody CraZee met up with two EDM DJs (DJ Meltdown and DJ Driibonez). He quickly fell in love with producing EDM beats and entertaining crowds with his house and trap styles on the DJ Board. He continued being an EDM DJ for a year and a half. Then one day he caught himself jumping on the DJ booth and beginning to freestyle.The crowd goes crazy and multiple people began to tell him that he needs to record professionally.


Cody CraZee was on fire! He began freestyling  more with close friends and briefly formed a rap group named "PacMan Muzik" with close friends Torey Jackett aka Treez and Julie Clement aka Etha Angel. They pushed Cody CraZee to go to the next level and encouraged him to go record professionally and follow his dreams.

Eventually, Cody listened and met with a man he knew from his previous years in the band by the name of Reggie Clark.

Reggie is the CEO of Rocc Urban Sound based out of Memphis, Tennessee.

In a musical rebirth, Cody CraZee was not only an amazing Rapper but Singer/ Songwriter as well.

In 2015 Cody CraZee parted ways from the label and decided to start his own company by investing in a home studio and proceeded  to work as a musical engineer. Cody named his company "Ain't Nothin Sweet Entertainment". For three years "Ain't Nothin Sweet Entertainment" went through a dozen artist because most of them did not have the love and passion that was needed to continue their contracts.


In January 2018, Cody CraZee orchestrated a team consisting of NxVx,Mowzer and IzGuy and himself. The Final Pieces to the "Ain't Nothin Sweet Entertainment" team was finally intact. They rarely performed as a group but they always performed on the same shows together with their own individual sets. Sharing the stages with names such as:

Tom Skeemask, Haystak,Statik G, Lil Wyte, La Chat, Bubba Sparxxs, Memphis Recipe and many more.


All of 2018 Cody CraZee and the "Ain't Nothin Sweet" team had started making a buzz, doing multiple shows. During that process Cody CraZee released his Debut mixtape "Aunt Lou's Mixtape", October of 2018. A dedication to his Aunt that passed away a week after his birthday in 2016. Cody's Aunt Lou was his biggest motivation. Aunt Lou pushed Cody with his music or himself. She is greatly loved and missed.


The dedication mixtape "Aunt Lou's" secured Cody's music in radio rotations with 100.1 Jack FM radio station out of Dyersburg, Tennessee. Cody CraZee and "Ain't Nothin Sweet Entertainment" companion Mowzer got airplay for 1 hour and did an Interview on Air as well. That was a great accomplishment and proved that there was a buzz in the air and it was moving fast.

January 2019, Cody CraZee drops his second mixtape in 3 months. "Live Loud Tha Mixtape" which included features from the "Ain't Nothin Sweet" members and Memphis legend "Tom Skeemask". Cody CraZee felt honored and accomplished to have Tom Skeemask a Memphis legend featured on his song. Throughout the early months of 2019, Tom Skeemask and Cody CraZee has done many shows together.


On May 1st 2019 Cody CraZee was signed to Tom Skeemask Label "Crowd Pleasin Music" and alongside Cody was his brother "NxVx" as well to the label. Though he had to put aside his own label and make his departure from "Ain't Nothin Sweet Entertainment", he gives his label over to friend and artist Mowzer. All the members are in good standing with each other. The artists decided to go there own paths in music for the right reasons and there was no harsh feelings because they support each other's careers.


On the next chapter of "What's next for Cody CraZee? He begins his new journey with "Crowd Pleasin Music".  He is currently working on his new album and also with some of the hottest producers and engineers such as

Dre DaBoss Bangers and Immortal Productions, both out of Memphis,Tennessee. He is already in talks with various artists as features including Tom Skeemask, Skinny Pimp, and more.


The Cody CraZee movement is live and well. There is more to come from Cody CraZee and his journey with "Crowd Pleasin Music".

Cody CraZee is influenced by rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Boosie,.Tom Skeemask, Lil Wyte, Tech N9ne and Eminem. Although, Cody has his own diverse and authentic style and with exhilarating energy to his performances.


Cody CraZee is scheduled to start tour on June 15th in Atlanta, Georgia, July 6th in Memphis, Tennessee as part of the Tom Skeemask Birthday Bash.

Cody CraZee will also be apart of Pirate Fest 3 in Burton, Ohio August 16th-18th.




For more information on shows and album release, follow him on his social pages:



For booking or features email:

To listen to Cody CraZee music download/subscribe to the links below.


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