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Updated: Nov 21, 2019


Sharie LaShell, born as April Sharie Collins, is a recording artist/actress born and raised on the south-side of Memphis, Tennessee. She developed her passion for the arts at a young age, performing in major musical/theater productions such as Lion King, Grease, and Chicago. From there, she found herself in-love with the stage and the experiences it could give her. After overcoming numerous bouts of depression, bullying, and close-call attempts to take her own life, she became aware of her musical talent and how it played a vital role in a story she believes is just beginning.


Deeply inspired by the R&B/Soul sound of the 80's and 90's, she uses that as a way to show respect and admiration for her biggest musical influences such as Michael and Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, SWV and many others.

Following a massive release of her very first single,"Break"debuted on New Year's Day of 2017, Sharie revealed a musical movie for her 90s-Inspired ballad "Happy Never After" featuring phenomenal vocalist, Terrance Love. Sharie has also been blessed with the opportunity to perform in the presence of multiple entertainers, such as Jacob Latimore, Trevor Jackson, Vivica Fox, Demetria McKinney and many more.


Today, she works diligently, excited to give the world more of her talent and her time, praying that with each song made, a thousand hearts are healed when they hear it.


Sharie LaShell


Social Sites:

FB, Insta, YouTube, and Twitter: @SharieLaShell

Courtesy of Nubian Queen Management (PR)


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