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Allasica Byrd Is An Extraordinary Entrepreneur And Entertainer

Updated: Dec 2, 2020


Allasica Michelle Byrd is a mother of three children,a set of twins Zauria and Zmed McKnight and baby brother Bryce whom are also musicians in a band called “New Found Band-Mcknight 3”.


Allasica Byrd is a Respiratory Therapist, Entrepreneur (Business Owner), Owner of small real estate company in Coahoma County, Owner of The Delta Byrd (emporium in Clarksdale consisting of Vintage, art,live music, small bites, tourism), Owner of new coming The Byrd Cage (Venue/Renting Space for events, kitchen shaped in bird cage style, little house on the prairie styled restrooms with vintage birdhouse stage for bands), Songstress and her genre is gospel.

(Gospel Album: When the Delta Byrd Sings)

Allasica is also an Author (Book: When the Delta Byrd Sings) and Producer (Up and coming movie: When the Delta Byrd Sings).


Allasica Byrd began singing at the age of 3 in Clarksdale, Mississippi, she is the sister to noted blue's musician Anthony “Big A” Sherrod.

Allasica is a gospel singer and her range is comparable to more of a bluesy and heartfelt evocative style of music. In her songs she narrates about pain and triumphing over the hardship and finding joy and salvation in God.

Allasica Byrd's debut album “When the bird sings” has hit singles such as “The Lord's prayer”, “ Trouble of the world”, and “God specializes “.

The CD is available on location at her store “The Delta bird”  or you can download it on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify or CD Baby.

It is also streaming on air in Clarksdale, Mississippi on channel 91.3 WROX and Helena's 94.5 KJIN.


Awarded as "Modern Day Champion" from Clarksdale's mayor on Feb. 25th


For more information about Allasica Byrd and her endeavors please click on the link below. 


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