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Alan Reese Is The CEO of Frederick D. Reese Foundation & Reese Enterprise Corporation

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Alan Reese is the CEO of Frederick D. Reese Foundation and Reese Enterprise Corp. His grandfather, the Rev. Dr. Frederick D Reese, was a civil rights icon who was the one who officially invited Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to Selma Alabama to assist in the movement for the right to vote.


Dr. Reese is also responsible for coordinating and leading the first all teachers march anywhere in the world, one of a mountain of accolades and accomplishments he managed to procure during his lifetime.


Through the mantle of CEO, Mr Reese was able to ensure that his grandfather's legacy continues via the foundation by awarding scholarships to students and organizing humanitarian and educational efforts in the community.

Alan says, “While performing my role at Reese Enterprise the company continues to release books and history on apparel, as well as forthcoming projects that will tell the sometimes mixed up and even forgotten stories of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for the progression of theAfrican American community."

Alan also says, "All of these efforts will ensure the goals of these companies which is reflective of the values of my grandfather, to make sure we’re spreading the story and message of Dr. F.D. Reese whilst delivering world class customer service to those who patronize us.”


For more information about Alan Reese and the Frederick D. Foundation please click on the link below:


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