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A Musical Mystery: Who Is The Artist Known As NofacE Shadowmen, Captivating Audiences In America


NofacE is the shadow who came to life! His magic is music. Calling himself a "Citizen of the world", NofacE possesses a style & vibe from both past and future. We don't know where he came from, but we do know where he is going, Everywhere! His bold unique sound turns air molecules into keys. These keys unlock the hearts, minds and souls of the beautiful listener, allowing them to meet him in a sound .



“This man is a genius when it comes to rocking on the keys”. (Westside Story Newspaper, April 2015)

“My favorite artist!” (Todd aka Snoop Dogg, Instagram, Sept. 2014)

“This enigmatic artist is NOT just another gimmick, he is as others have proclaimed that real good shit!” (Indie Feg. 2013)

“The Jimi Hendrix of the Millennium!” (The San Diego Reader, Dec. 15th, 2011)


Playboy Morning Show

Snoop Dogs GGN

Venues Performed:

House of Blues - LA

Nokia - LA

The Conga Room - LA

The Roxy - LA

4th&B - San Diego

Over 500 plus performances throughout the Southern California Region


Old School Explosion (Wire Entertainment)

Back To The Funky Life Tour

Magic 92.5 FM’s “Magic Under The Stars”

Concert - San Diego (2x)


Social Media Reach:


2019 - "DANG", “If You Had My Way”

2018 - “Parathesia”

2017 - “PusherMan” (Bootsy Collins -World Wide

Funk) co-producer

2016 - “THIS” Soundtrack score


2016 - “THIS” (NofacE Shadowmen) Short film Main Character


2016 - “Adornment” -Childrens Book (fiction)


“Born of the dark, I create in the dark. I listen in the dark. There, sounds glow like birds on fire in stormy skies. Orphaned. Without a mask, I am beautiful!” – NofacE Shadowmen


For all Booking and Interviews -

1(619) 820-0803



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