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A Higher Calling, Gospel Singer Robin Walton Delivers The Word Of God, One Melody At A Time


Robin Walton is a Native of Durham North Carolina and an up and coming Contemporary Gospel Singer/Songwriter bringing innovative and inspiring music to the Gospel arena that cross Genres to touch and impact all people of every age. Robin graduated college at North Carolina Central University with a Bachelors in Social Work and a Masters in Health Service Administration at Strayer University. Robin is embarking on new territory by pursuing her passion and love of music and song writing. Robin is currently promoting songs from her album God's Grace such as "Never be Alone" and "I'm in Love"; and recently released single " What we Have" (God is Real).


Robin's desire is to encourage everyone to live a life of purpose and share the word through song. Robin knows that music is powerful, transcends time, and is away to reach all people. Music connects us by allowing us to tap into that inter man no one sees or seldom shares. Music heals and gives us a voice to express how we feel.

Robin has been singing and writing music since her teenage years, but was always too shy to share her music or sing in front of crowds. Robin has shared that her Husband, Alex encouraged her to sing and has been one of her biggest supporters. Robin stated without his support and belief in her she does not know how far she would have gotten. Robin stated that she knew music was a calling on her life, and that God was calling her to use her gifts for his Kingdom. Robin has shared that the desire to sing is strong that she cannot imagine singing as apart of her life as she embark on another chapter in her life.


Robin's music can be found on Youtube, Spotify, Apple music, Soundcloud, Pandora, Amazon and many more sites.


Go to Robin's Facebook page to connect with her and for the latest updates and releases on


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