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2020 Memphis Hip-Hop Award Winner: Mon Ruffin Received "Song Of The Year" alongside Sexii Killa


Mon Ruffin is also known as Mon Pollard, a Memphis Native from Fourth & Walker better known as South Memphis. He is a Soul/Rap Artist and Barber. Mon Ruffin has an entertainers background including his younger brother Zed Zilla.

Mon Ruffin has been releasing musical singles since 2016 and his latest single featuring Big Rickey and Lieutenant $hine called "I'm Sorry" was released January 18, 2020.

The song "Big B**** House is the funniest video on the internet and has gone viral with over 360k views which includes multiple videos.

The Official video includes Memphis Artists Sexi Killa and Mon Ruffin, produced by JS Productions and the videography & Director is by Maine Maine also from Memphis, Tennessee.

Mon Ruffin is not only an artist, he is a loving father and allows his older son to manage his career. Mon Ruffin gives credit to his son and manager stating, "That's who got me popping, recording me on the slick and got everything going"

Mon Ruffin is definitely not a stranger in the music game! He has worked with Gangsta Black, Playa Fly just to name a few! Mon Ruffin kept loyal to his inspirations to succeed in musical career, he states that "by being humble and keeping faith in the higher power his time would come 22 years later through his heir and manager, whom Mon calls his "Sonager"(manager & son).

About MPD:

Mon Ruffin's label is call MPD which is formally called "MEMPHIS PRO_DUCTION RECORDS"

Mon says"It means Movement ,Money, B****es and Dope...We the law". An Independent Label.

Upcoming Ventures:

The Big Bitch House Play is coming soon!

It gives more insight into the word "Bitch" as the Big Intellectual Type.

SCM Awards 2020

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Life in Entertainment sits down with the award winning Song of the Year Artist Mon Ruffin on 02.25.2020.

Courtesy of the Podcast Center with Memphis Treasure Tina Tilton and Christie Taylor.

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