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Unifying The Culture Of Opera And Hip-Hop, Babatunde Has Introduced To The World, "Hip-Hopera"

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Babatunde Akinboboye Is A Nigerian American Baritone. He Is An Advocate For The Performance Of Art Song And Operatic Works Written By African American Composers. 

He Is Classically Trained And Has Performed In Hundreds Of Shows.


Babatunde Grew Up Listening To Hip-Hop And Felt That Opera And Hip-Hop Was Relatively The Same. His Video Went Viral And Was Featured On And

Babatunde says," I've Been A Professional Opera Singer For Years, But I've Always Liked Hip-Hop. I Just Stopped Keeping The Two Separate In My Head And Started Recording It."


Babatunde Hip-Hopera Favorite Mottos Are:

"I Make Opera For People That Want To Like Opera."

"I Learned The Rules So That I Could Break Them Correctly."

"I Milly Rock on any Bach!"

"I’m Tired Of The Narrative That Opera Is For One Type Of Person And Hip-Hop Is For Another. I’m Both, So I Know It’s Not True. I Take Opera And Hip-Hop And Make Hip Hopera."

For More Information About Babatunde Hip-Hopera Click On The Link Below. 


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