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The Harmonic Melodies Of Award Winning Jacnique Nina: Latest Project Release Date Spring/Summer 2020

Updated: Jan 7, 2020


Jacnique Nina is sensationally soulful, jazzy, sultry siren. She is the 2020 Akademia Music Award Nominee for both “Jazz Artist of The Year” and the “Artist Vision Award”, a special honor being bestowed upon those artists of exceptional talent and vision in the

field of music.

2019- Winner, Seems Africa, “Africa Meets The World” Awards, “Best Singer/ Recording Artist”.

2019- Akademia Music Award Winner for “Best R&B / Soul Album” for her album, “Wish of The Heart”. 2019 Akademia Music Award Winner of “The Executive Award”.

2019- Black Music & Film Awards nominee for “Best Female Jazz Artist”.

Jacnique Nina was also nominated for four 2018 Black Music Awards, “Best Female R&B Performer”, “Best Female Live Performer”, “Best Neo Soul Artist” and “Best Female Jazz Vocalist”.

2017- Akademia Music Award winner of Best Jazz Song for her single,“Sunrise”.

2015- Artist In Music Awards nominee in three categories, “Best Adult Contemporary Artist”, “Best Jazz Artist” and “Best R&B Artist”.

2014- Artist In Music Awards nominee for “Best Jazz Artist”.

2013- Eliunn Award winner in association with Orphans In The Storm for “Excellence in the Arts”.

2013- Los Angeles Music Awards nominee for “Jazz Artist of The Year”.

2012- Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominee, in the genre of Jazz, for her song, “Rise In Love”.

2011- Winner of two Black Music Awards, "Best Neo-Soul Artist" and "Best Urban Soul Artist".

2011- Los Angeles Music Awards winner, Producer's Choice, Jazz Album of The Year for her debut album, "Trial By Fire".

(Previous Producers Choice winners include No Doubt, The Black Eyed Peas, System of A Down and Sugar Ray.)

December 19th, 2019 was her latest single release entitled “So Says The Fool”. Produced by Hitmaker, Preston Glass. From the forthcoming album, “Love Speaks”. Projected release date, Spring/Summer 2020.


Imagine a tuning fork, both sides vibrating sympathetically in perfect harmony. That image is the exquisite visual metaphor for the music within Wish of the Heart, the richly inspired and soulfully romantic third album from Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Jacnique Nina.

Overflowing with a sensual combination of sentiments such as “Soul Candy,” “Turnt Up Kinda Love, Keeper,” “Blue ‘Til You” and “Wish of the Heart” along with inspiring, spirit-lifting soul balms such as “Standing Tall,” “Steppin’ Out On Faith,” “The Bright Side of Goodbye” and the gentle anthem “Weapons of Love”. Wish of the Heart resonates with melodious comfort for the heart, mind and soul.

Jacnique’s "Wish of the Heart" was produced by prolific songwriter Preston Glass who has conjured bliss and magic for the finest of female singers, including Natalie Cole, Phyllis Hyman and Whitney Houston.

Among the highlights is a special 30th anniversary vocal redux of the internationally beloved instrumental gem “Songbird,” written and made famous by soprano saxophonist Kenny G, “The Pied Piper of Smooth Jazz.”

Song master Glass, who produced Kenny’s original recording, added an evocative new lyric that creates a way for Jacnique to vocally inhabit and animate the songbird of the song’s title in a dreamy duet with Philip Ingram, lead singer of the renowned `70s-launched soul group Switch (recently profiled on the TV show “Unsung”). Retitled “Songbird 2017,” it is a tranquil and familial throwback highlight of Jacnique’s Wish of the Heart.


“I was an early fan of Smooth Jazz,” Jacnique offers. “Kenny G’s Duotones album (released in 1986 and boasting present day sales of 10 million copies) was one of my very most favorites. People who knew me then will tell you I wore that album out! Somehow Preston and I got on the subject of ‘Songbird’ and I said it would be so cool if that song could be remade with lyrics. He said, "Funny you should say that. I wrote lyrics 32 years ago that were never used." He shared those words with me and I thought, "Oh, my goodness! Philip Ingram singing with me takes it to a completely elevated magnitude, and Willie Bradley on trumpet is stellar. This production is very dear to my heart."

Nina States,"Kenny’s original is so special but our version (as well as a ‘U.K. Remix’ by Nigel Lowis) brings to the melody this new beauty.”

Beauty is in much abundance throughout "Wish of the Heart" as each song was custom crafted with Preston Glass to reflect the thoughts and concepts pulsing from the heart of Jacnique.

“You could say I ‘interviewed’ Jacnique about her vibe on the song titles in order to write from her point of view,” Glass reveals.

“We share a similar symbiotic thought process so creating these songs was smooth and easy.” Jacnique concurs. “Preston Glass is an amazing songwriter/producer, of course. He and his wife Gina are two of the most humble, down-to-earth people I’ve ever known. I’m incredibly blessed to work with them and to have them in my life. We got together in his studio, Platinum Garage, where he shared just some titles for songs with me. I picked a few then he asked what the titles meant to me. He wrote based on my responses which were very personal to me, a really cool approach. ”


That methodology began with the very first song they worked on which opens the album: “The Bright Side of Goodbye.”

“I woke up feeling this Latin beat in my soul. I told Preston about it, and the melody and rhythm he came up with was exactly what I was thinking. We have a spiritual connection like that.

‘The Bright Side of Goodbye’ is an introspective look at a relationship falling apart. Time to move on, get back to focusing on me and creating my own happiness. Preston’s training and time spent with Thom Bell among the grand architects of the 70’s beloved “Philly Soul” brings a lushness rarely heard in today’s music to Jacnique’s warm and inviting "Wish of the Heart", especially on the title track which is very reminiscent of the collaborations that Bell did with singer/songwriter Deniece Williams on her My Melody and It’s Gonna Take a Miracle albums from the early '80s.

“Most people have a wish of the heart that is unfulfilled that they are still seeking,” Jacnique explains.


“Whether it be for the perfect mate, perfect relationship or perfect job, that title really stood out for me. I believe the song will touch people all over the world. It’s saying never give up on whatever you’re in need of and looking for. It’s out there for you. In the beginning, we talked about having Deniece Williams come aboard but it didn’t work out. That we were talking about her placed her in my spirit and made me go to that place. I loved her music and voice so very much over the years such a special sound. Her high notes are just heavenly. I wanted to share that side of my music and voice that I haven’t done as much in the past. I hope she hears the songs and feels

honored by them.”

Equally moving is the album closer “Weapons of Love” which carries a crucial message for these days and times. “I’ve been through some relationships that have not been so nice,” Jacnique confesses.

“It’s important to keep the vibe and tone of a relationship on point by always contributing positivity and love in all you say as well as in your actions. As human beings, we can really break each other down and hurt each other with words. I’m sending the message that I choose weapons of love. If we learn to counteract negativity and build upon a foundation of love, positivity, kindness and respect, it would be monumental.”


The lighter side of love shines through in a string of songs reflecting the romance Jacnique is presently blissfully enjoying. “I love the message of ‘Blue Til You,’” she shares. “Everyone adores the feeling of coming into a new relationship with all of the initial joys. Everything is so inspired, and the person is making you feel so happy and wonderful. You feel like you’re on top of the universe! I’m so in touch with that feeling right now - a precious human emotion. The music reminds me of soul songs by Regina Belle, Phyllis Hyman and Angela Bofill which I grew up with. Then there’s ‘Soul Candy,’my duet with Brandon Wattz - a phenomenal all-around artist. Think of eye candy but for the soul always in tune, vibing on a plateau so high that no one can get into your space.

“These songs are very much inspired by love and loving relationships,” Jacnique


“I most often write from personal feelings and experiences or a place of authenticity. I’m very blessed and I’m so excited to express my feelings in these very special songs. On ‘He’s a Keeper’ (co-composed with smooth jazz keyboardist Rob Mullins of “Making Love”renown) I am really revealing my experience in a wonderful love relationship.

Wish of the Heart is the follow-up to San Francisco native Jacnique Nina’s CDs Trial byFire and Eternal Love (through her company SirenFire Music Works, LLC).

Jacnique is ever on a mission to turn hearts and minds to the true spirits of impassioned romance, scorching sensuality and unconditional love. Returning to the tuning fork metaphor from the top of this biography, Jacnique is oscillating strongest in sentiments she shares on her new song “Steppin’ Out On Faith.”

“It’s taken me a long time to let go of certain things, step into a new realm and let God lead my path,” she concludes. “When people hear that song, I pray it encourages them to take the next step to become more focused on goals they’re trying to pursue and to be more encouraged on their journey every day. I hope for them, like me, that this project changes their lives.”

Wish of the Heart promises to be THE album to warm hearts winter, spring, summer, fall and forever.




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Biography composed, researched and prepared by A. Scott Galloway



Press Release Courtesy of Rjai's Productions and 5 Stars Music Group

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