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Teflon Don Is The CEO Of Help My People.Org As Well As A Musical Artist

Updated: Nov 25, 2020


"Teflon Don" CEO of a non profit organization , the purpose of it existence is to help veterans with PTSD.



Crunk, Dirty South Hip Hop describes the sound of Teflon Don, reflective of his hometown Memphis, TN. With a soulful and rich voice, he delivers his music with passion that resonates with all listeners. When artists such as Tupac Shakur and all of the Memphis Rap Pioneers are fused, the end product is Teflon Don. Not only is he a rap artist, but he is an innovative thinker.

He lives by a simple mantra:

“God, the Government, and the game.”

He says with these ingredients, success is attainable. Pairing his creativity with fate led Teflon Don to become the first rap artist to do a NBA Memphis Grizzlies theme song which includes the players name and coach. He had the chance of a lifetime to perform in front of thousands of Grizzlies fans at the Fed Ex Forum along with the Garry Goines Band. Teflon Don has gained respect amongst his peers and colleagues as the winner of the 2008 Showcase.


It doesn’t stop there. His military background had paved a path for the opportunity to perform in the U.S. Army USO show in Ft. Irwin, CA. On a national scale, he has performed in the SUMC Conference in 2011 along with nationally known recording artists Dondria, Teddy Riley, Silk and many more. Teflon Don’s grind is undeniable. He has showcased at venues such as the Hard Rock Café and New Daisy Theater in Memphis.

Teflon Don’s music reflects his life and his thoughts. Each song possesses different characteristics that will touch people’s emotions who feel how he feels when he writes the songs. Collaborating with Grammy winning producers Kurt Clayton and Platinum producer Carlos Broady has taken his sensational edge to new heights.


Teflon Don’s music can also be heard on some of the most popular video games once he obtained a video game deal by Rock Band Network/Harmonix Music, also referred to as MTV Games.

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