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Mega R & B Group, H-Town Latest EP, "Date Night" Available March 5th Bringing Love Back To Us

Mega R & B Group, H-Town Latest EP Entitled, "Date Night" Available March 5th Bringing Back That Love To the World!


Without a doubt, one of the sexiest Slow Jams in history is a song called," Knockin' Da Boots", by three guys from Houston. Shazam, Dino, and G.I. made up the group H-Town, who over the years were responsible for creating some of the hottest Slow Jams ever made! H-Town started doing big things when the group members were just teens, as they teamed up with Luther Campbell, who managed and produced them. You may remember "Luke" from 2 Live Crew, so it didn't come as a big surprise that H-Town's first album Fever For Da Flavor include song titles such as Lick U Up, Sex Me and of course, Knockin' Da Boots. What was shocking, however, was the success of the songs, which led the album to sell over a million copies and ranked H-Town among the top of the heap of R&B crooners. To their credit, for all the attention given to carnal matters, the threesome also concentrated on motion picture soundtracks spawning more platinum success.


H-Town was alive and on fire with their first soundtrack on Death Row Records, "Above The Rim" that released another platinum success for the young Houston Trio with another hit single, "Part-Time Lover" helping push the soundtrack to multi platinum. The next soundtrack success came a year later when actor Martin Lawrence came to the young men to lead his first film, where the trio once again had a smash hit single their classic version of "Thin Line Between Love and Hate". The guys were on TOP OF THE WORLD which brought major awards and accolades for the young stars.

Having hit the ground running with their freshman effort, they continued their up-front style with their second album, "Beggin' After Dark", which also went platinum solidifying them as a force in the R&B game, and as one of the most successful groups of their era. Although the album didn't receive the same financial backing from Luke as the first album, spawning only one platinum single "Emotions", the CD was filled with super-sexy Slow Jams, including some reggae-laced love songs featuring Papa Reu that can get anyone in the mood. In 99' the boys returned with album number three, the Ladies Editions which spawned such GOLD SINGLES as "They Like It Slow" and "Natural Woman".


On Tuesday, January 28, 2003, the legacy of H-Town was cut short, as one of the twins In the group "Keven A. Conner a.k.a. Dino" died in a car accident. He was just 28 yrs. old. The singer and his girlfriend, 22 yrs. old Teshya Rae Weisent, were leaving a recording studio in Houston when the car accident occurred. The car driven by Weisent was struck by a SUV that had allegedly run a red light. The trio had just finished an H-Town reunion album. Although Dino is no longer with us, his life and music still lives on. With the debut of the current album titled “Child Support” promoting the new lead single “Green Light”.


H-TOWN is now touring all over the world. Now the fans can look forward to all the great hits and the new flavor they've been waiting for.

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Courtesy of Nubian Queen Management

Gena Heelz
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GH 02.28.2021


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