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Chiara Doria best known as Claire, Is An Italian Native And Turin's Rising Star


Chiara Doria best known as Claire graduated college with a major in Cinema Engineering at Politecnico di Torino.

While attending, she formed a musical group called the "Peak Avenue".

Claire was asked, what Influenced her singing career? And she stated, " I started studying singing because I was too shy. It always bothered me to have limits and I always wanted to do something to overcome them. Thus was born my first true passion, singing. Now it's not just a passion, it's a necessity."


Previously, Claire landed a role in an indie short film in Turin, Italy that will soon participate in various festivals, such as Venice and Berlin.

Once shy! Claire is now more active, very popular and even on social media.

She says," Now the stage is the place that makes my eyes shine and where I feel at home. I'm not an exhibitionist, I dress a little like I do, I could go out in my pajamas ... like I really did in Sanremo!"

Claire gives appreciation and acknowledgement to one person in particular, Mirella Rocca, she encouraged her along the way as she started studying cinema in Rome. Not only does Claire sing and act, she is also a fashion brand model. She began her modeling career around the time she started taking interest in photography and eventually became a model for some name brand companies.


Brand companies such as Wella Professionals, and Vogue during some fashion shows in Turin, followed by photoshoots for brands and newspapers.

Claire says, "Photography for me is a way to convey a thought or a mood. Also for me it was a way to melt in front of the room."

Claire's favorite motto is, "Carpe Diem, Panta Rei but above all hakuna matata."


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