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Alicia 'LovelyLisa' Vaughn Is A Public figure, Entrepreneur, Government Official And A Veteran

Updated: Nov 25, 2020


Ms. Lovely Lisa is a 44 years old Entrepreneur, Educator, Mentor, Business Owner, Motivational Speaker, Juvenile Probation Officer, Mother of 3 and a Veteran of the United States of Army. 

I manage one business and own two while working a full time job and being the caregiver and manage a home. I love what I do and have a passion for helping others. As a Juvenile Probation Officer, officers work closely with those who are on probation in lieu of jail time after being convicted of a crime. 


Responsibilities include evaluating people on probation to determine the best course of rehabilitation and providing resources, such as job training. They also interview the probationer, as well as those close to them, to ensure that they're making progress and following the restrictions in place. 

Additionally, probation officers are typically required to test probationers for substance abuse and provide counseling, testify in court and write reports and maintain files on those who they're supervising and provide resourceful rehabilitation. 


As CEO of H.ELPP’s Outreach my sole mission is compassionately dedicated to improve significantly in the well-being of women, men, children, and families in need.

HELPP’s Outreach work with the community to serve and donate to the people of the city of Memphis and North Mississippi.


Clothing Drives, Food Drives, Coat Drives, Back to School Drives, and Toy Drives during Christmas Holidays from help and donations from the City of Memphis and North Mississippi.


HELPP’s Outreach is a non-profit organization that I started in 2015. I been helping throughout the community for years but it was official in 2015.


As CEO of Lit Entertainment Management Company, I specialize in negotiating contracts and fees, finding and booking events and venues that match the artist's career strategy, advising on career decisions, publicity and promotion, helping them on career decisions. 

Lit Entertainment Management Company was started in 2018 when I realized I had a gift of hosting events, finding events, creating events, and net-working with other industries to create another platform for Artists to perform, be seen, and heard for recognition. 


As COO of Cypher City Radio, My primary focus for The Lit Radio Show is to give my listeners and audience a great palette of music (Hip Hop, R&B, Blues, Oldies & Producers, Models, Dancers, Business Owners, etc. to utilize for their enjoyment.

I’m also building a platform for all Artist, Promoters. Rotation, And Live Events and all Independent Artist, Major Artist, brands and careers through Live Interviews, Advertising, Radio Mid-Major Artist, Industry Executives, Promoters, Managers, Producers etc. 

I started out as a Radio Personality/ Music Host/ Radio Talk Host and then a DJ in August of 2018, in December of 2018 I perfect my craft and became COO/ Head of Memphis Operations doing it all. 


LovelyLisa can and will help you with all your business needs and listening music pleasure. 


For interviews and other inquiries click on the link below. 


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