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Inscribed In Gold: Felecia Young Is One Of Chicago's Aspiring Actresses & Production Director


Inscribed In Gold: Felecia Young Is One Of Chicago's Aspiring Actresses & Production Director


Felecia Young was born August 15, 1986 in Chicago, Illinois. She is an actress, model, director, host, and writer. As a child, she started writing by entering poetry contests and being a part of the journalism class throughout high school. She later graduated and joined the Navy, where she had written many awards and certificates for the Honorable Sailors.


Felecia wanted to follow her passion of becoming an actress, so she started taking classes and seminars, like those given at the Chicago's Actors Studio. She networked in modeling events and started working as a featured background actress. From there, she continued to gain experience, worked on small skits, and started going to auditions, which assisted her in landing a supporting role in the television series"Undercover Detective".


She will be featured as lead actress in a suspense thriller, "I'm Coming For You." From there, Felecia continued to thrive by taking more roles in theater, films, and even videos. If she was not working in front of the camera, she was doing on the job training behind the scenes.

By asking questions and shadowing, Felecia worked her way from Production Assistant positions to Production Manager and stepped further into the roles of 2nd and 1st Assistant Director. Felecia had even landed Executive Producer on one project, which is the first of many to come. Also, Felecia is a co-host at popular event in Chicago, "Hot Sauce Poetry", with Spoken Word artists, as well as Open Mic guests.

Currently, Felecia Young is a supporting actress in a featured film, "Daddy Issues" by Johnny & Wesley Perkins; two comedic series, "The Coleman Show" by Calvin Coleman, and "Triad" by Ontario Durns; and several films and series in the works by Sherell Brown. In addition, She serves as 1st Assistant Director, Casting Director, and Show-runner for some of these projects, and others.

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Media Contact:

April Whitaker

Television Producer/CEO

1Love 1House Channel

AEMGTV Station on XOD


Social Sites:

Facebook: Felecia Young Vision

Instagram: @felecia.young_vision



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