A Day To Remember: Entertainment Guru Marie Pizanno & CEO Talbott Howard's Enchanted Themed Wedding

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Photo's captured by Smith Artisan Photography

As Marie And Talbott Are Celebrated By Friends And Family Near And Far This Month, They Will Blend Their Lives And Become Parents Of Eight Children - Eight Is Just Enough Love To Wrap This Family In As They Begin Their "Enchanted" Themed Happily Ever After.

Born And Raised In Chicago, Marie Pizano Is A Hard Working Mother Who Made Strides In The Financial Industry And Later Earned Numerous Awards For Her Conscious-Based Films As The CEO And Founder Of MVP3 Entertainment Group

( mvp3media.com ). She Also Manages Musical Artists, She's An Author And A Producer, And A Selfless Donor To Numerous Charities.

Only A Wedding Befitting Her True-Life Tale Romance Would Suit This Queen Of Entertainment.

Let's Meet Prince Charming, Who Hails From Columbus, Mississippi. He's Talbott Howard, And Is No Ordinary Prince. The President, CEO And Chairman Of ECT Services & Solutions INC., Talbott Works To Create a global community of commerce reducing cost of cleaning water and reducing pollution with solutions, real-time and just in time, enabling a balance Between Economics And Products Providing Technologies And Products That Clean The Air And Water, while building new standards globally.

Courtesy of Talbott Howard

When North Met South, There Was A Magical Whirlwind Of Elements That Birthed HEROes. And True To Who HEROes Are, Marie And Talbott Joined Forces to build a Platform to inspire branding of innovation with everyday products and opportunities Dedicated To Preserving Natural Resources while identifying water and energy output services & solutions.


As These Two Powerful And Passionate People Have Joined Forces To Increase Awareness Of The Importance Of Fuel, Food, Health, Films, Music, And Community, They Will Even Give Back To The Local Area Through Their Upcoming Nuptials On October 24, 2019.

Photo courtesy of Marie Pizano Social Site

Donations Will Be Made To Germantown Community Theater, The Collierville Food Pantry, And Farmers Market. The Affair Will Create Economic Growth By Utilizing Services And Products From Local Business Including Design Social, P.O Press Public House & Provisions, Hammer Jeweler's, Square Beans Coffee Shop, CJ Lilly, The Quonset, Stratton House Bed And Breakfast, Just In Thyme Foods, Natural Creations, The Brooks Collection, Raven And Lily, Smith Artisan Photography, Ballew Bridal And Almost Famous. Skid Media Will Memorialize This Epic Event.

Invited Celebrity Guests Includes: Morgan Freeman, Jack Canfield, Paulo Benedeti, Billy Falcon, Al Coronel, Bill Luckett And Many Local Radio And Media Personalities.

Stay Tuned For More Updated Photos Of This Enchanted Themed Wedding Courtesy Of Mr. & Mrs. Howard.

"Once Upon A Time, A Beautiful And Intelligent Young Woman Broke Ground In The City Of Memphis While Working Her Magic To Gain Support For Her Business. The Business Captured The Attention Of A Handsome Prince Charming. It Was All Business At First, But The Pair Discovered There Was Much More To This Joint Venture, And They Will Very Well Soon Created Their Own Happily Ever After. "

A Modern Day Fairytale

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