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Thursday, March 14, 2019

"Darrell 'YungVeli' Chambers" Legendary Hip-Hop Artist, Songwriter

In the mid 2000s, A new sound of Hip-Hop was taking Memphis, TN by storm! You could not mention down south artists without hearing about this multi-talented individual! He has earned his way into the urban hall of fame as a Memphis Legend and it is only the beginning! You haven't seen nothing yet!!

Darrell “YungVeli” Chambers, formerly Yung D, grew up in the streets of North Memphis, where at the age of 5 he found a love for poetry, rhyming to anyone who would listen. He took this love for poetry and turned it into a career, as he released several singles under “Yung D” and his 2006 Memphis Anthem “Certified”, which graced larger markets with radio play.

YungVeli then went on to sign with Hypnotized Mindz, and co wrote “Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)”, Three 6 Mafia’s biggest to date single, making it to number one song in the country on charts, which he appeared in and performed on tour.

Veli has worked and performed with some of the greatest hip hop artists such as 8 Ball and MJG, Three 6, Project Pat, Lil Flip, Lil Boosie, Yung Buck, Yo Gotti, Piles and many more, earning respect in the hip hop community, and cementing his place in the Memphis Music Industry.

In July of 2016, Veli released his first independent album through Monumental Entertainment Group, entitled, “There Is Hope”. His first single, “See You Dance” is currently seeing play on K97 (Memphis), 107.1 (Memphis) and 95.7 (Birmingham), with more markets coming.

Mr. Chamber's lyrics and music, speak to the masses who want to see a change in the community, in society, and hear something that will remain timeless and relevant for generations. His live performance engages the audience and fills them with hope and inspiration, reaching more markets than the average hip hop artist. His personality comes through in every song, which he feels is a tool to social change, and comes from the heart.   

For more inquiries on features/hosting YungVeli please call or click on the links below:

Monumental Entertainment Group
1(404) 494-0825

For further inquiries about YungVeli's music or to follow him on social media please click on the links below:

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