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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

"Kecia 'Da BossLady ' Gamble" Radio Personality, Promoter

A big #shoutout to a woman that's multitalented and passionate! She is outgoing, intelligent! She a woman of character and demands her respect! She uses her platform to uplift and support others on their journey! She is definitely the woman to know!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Kecia Gamble is a radio personality known as
“ Da BossLady” for Power99damixx (satellite radio). She was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and is currently living in Memphis,TN.

As a child,  Da BossLady was raised in the church, singing and directing the choir. She is an experienced plus size runway model.

Ms. Gamble also has her CDL license and is employed as a driver.  She is truly a Jack of all trades.

Da BossLady's mission is to help new artist promote and advertise their music by using her platform of employment (global satellite radio station).

Da BossLady says,  “So if you are willing to work with me use the links provided to contact me. “

For more inquiries about Da BossLady click on the links below:

"Gili Benita " International Photographer

A amazing #shoutout to the eyes behind the lens! He is a true visionary and his work speaks volumes with a single photograph! He is a very talented and eclectic young man full of  passion and creativity!! He's an aspiring humanitarian one photo at a time! He's definitely on his way!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Gili Benita is an Israeli photographer based in Jerusalem. He was born in Jerusalem in 1997 and raised in Tsur Hadassah, a small town near Jerusalem. He studied film in The Jerusalem high school of arts and served in the army, as a cinematographer in the air force film unit.

In 2017, Gili had join forces along 'Save a Child's Heart,' and started documenting the life-saving organization, both in Israel and in Tanzania.

Since 2016, Gili is focused on delivering the silent voice in society by committing to long-term documentary projects, in Israel, Africa, Japan, and other regions.

In Gili Benita documentary, he speaks of his journey to Japan. He reflects his personal perspectives and sense of emotions his photography.

He writes, “​On February 2018, I traveled to Japan for a two-month journey, to explore the Japanese culture of being alone and its encounter with my own sense of feeling alone. In a country where thousands of people die alone each year without anyone noticing, loneliness reaches its most extreme form.”

“In my journey, I was able to find the difference between loneliness and solitude, and the positive presence of the existence of personal individualism. In the series of photographs that I took, I tried to photograph myself and my alone through other people, passersby in the space of Japan.”

“The character I chose to photograph, were for me a mirror for myself. They helped me to figure out the thin line between solitude and loneliness.”

Gili expressed sense of emotion stating, “Looking at those stranger characters and finding a sense of identification from a distant place, inspired me to express the sense of feeling alone in a place where allows it, where other people feel like me. Especially in the loneliest place, I did not feel alone anymore.”

Gili's motto is:
“I believe that a photograph should speak for itself and deliver a message, without any additional explanation.”

First place in photographed story category - Local Testimony, 2018

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Local Testimony, group exhibition, Erets Israel Museum. Tel Aviv 2018
'Kodoku'  solo exhibition, Space Place Gallery, Russia - 2018
The Print Fair, group exhibition, Tel Aviv - 2018

For full bio click on the link below:

For further inquiries about Gili Benita please click on the links below:

"Alan Reese" CEO of Frederick D. Reese Foundation & Reese Enterprise Corp.

A special #shoutout to a man that has been groomed with honor and history to uphold a legacy passed down to him! He is a very noble and gentle man with the spirit of his ancestors guiding his path!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

“Alan Reese” is the CEO of Frederick D. Reese Foundation and Reese Enterprise Corp.
His grandfather, the Rev. Dr. Frederick D Reese, was a civil rights icon who was the one who officially invited Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to Selma Alabama to assist in the movement for the right to vote.

Dr. Reese is also responsible for coordinating and leading the first all teachers march anywhere in the world, one of a mountain of accolades and accomplishments he managed to procure during his lifetime.

Through the mantle of CEO, Mr Reese was able to ensure that his grandfather's legacy continues via the foundation by awarding scholarships to students and organizing humanitarian and educational efforts in the community.

Alan says, “While performing my role at
Reese Enterprise the company continues to release books and history on apparel, as well as forthcoming projects that will tell the sometimes mixed up and even forgotten stories of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for the progression of the African American community."

Alan also says, "All of these efforts will ensure the goals of these companies which is reflective of the values of my grandfather, to make sure we’re spreading the story and message of Dr. F.D. Reese whilst
delivering world class customer service to those who patronize us.”

For more information about Alan Reese and the Frederick D. Foundation please click on the link below:

R & B 90's SuperGroup H-TOWN

 Without a doubt, one of the sexiest Slow Jams in history is a song called Knockin' Da Boots, by three guys from Houston. Shazam, Dino...