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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Learn The Secrets Of Financial Literacy And Master The Power Of Credit: The UCES Protection Plan

Learn How Your Credit Score Is Determined,  Credit Is Power And So Is Financial Freedom. Do Not Wait Until You Find Your Dream Home Before You Check Your Credit Because You Will Be Disappointed.
Did You Know That Paying Off A Collection Account Will Not Change Your Credit Score?

TK Martin
Vice President 

Tosha Brown 
Regional Sales Director 

 Hard Pull vs Soft Pull ....

 A Soft Pull Is When A Credit Card Company Or Lender Checks Your Credit Report As A Background Check. It’s Simply A Review Of Your Credit, And There's No In-Depth Check, So That Is Why Your Credit Is Not Affected.

 A Hard Pull Is Used To Determine Whether Or Not You Are Worthy Of Being Given A Loan Or Credit Card. These Pulls Can Lower Your Score, Especially If You Have A Bunch Of Hard Pulls Within A Short Time Span. A Handful Of Hard Pulls All At Once Shows Companies That You Are In Need Of Alot Of Money, Which Is A Sign Of Poor Money Management.
These Pulls Typically Stay On Your Report For Two Years.
Great News! Hard Pulls Can Also Be Disputed!

Mr. & Mrs. Simeon Brown 
Executive Sales Director 

Michelle Smoot 
Regional Sales Director 

Would You Like To Know More?

BANKRUPTCY VS. CREDIT REPAIR - These Are Apples And Oranges.
If You Need A Bankruptcy, You Are Not In A Position To Pay Your Bills. If You Need Credit Repair, You Are Not Missing Payments Going Forward. Interested In Purchasing A Home, Car Or Start A Business?

Learn The #1 Power Move To Purchasing Your Dream Home , Car Or Business! It Takes Preparation To Purchase A Home, Do Not Wait until the last minute to repair your credit Because You Will Be Disappointed If You Do Not Qualify For Your Dream Home.


Brown Financial Solutions Are Looking For 10 Motivated, Coachable Individuals Whether You Want To Make A Career Out Of It Or Just Earn Some Extra Money!

  •  Work From Home 
  •  Get Paid Through Direct Deposit Or Check
  •  Full Or Part-Time

Our Services Has Removed Over 1 Million Derogatory Items From Individuals Credit Reports.

For Further Information Call/Click On The Options Below.

Be Proactive Text “Credit” To (708) 308-3316 And Get Your Credit In Order.

 Sign Up! Text "Agent" To (901) 300-6086!
 Text “Memphis” To (708) 308-3316 To Register! (FREE Event)

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