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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Curtis C. Jackson Is An Iconic Actor And Producer Better Known For THE X-FILES (1993)

Curtis C. Has Been In The Entertainment Business For 43 Years. Starting With The Children Show, "ROBIN HOOD" With The Peter Pan Player.

Curtis C. Has Played Many Roles From The Caterpillar In "ALICE IN WONDERLAND" To Herr Schultz In "CABARET", 4 National Tours, A Master's Of Fine Arts From The University Of Nevada, Las Vegas and 15 Years In Los Angeles, Where Jackson Was On "The X-FILES" (X-COPS), Worked At The Falcon Theatre (Garry Marshall Theatre) And Many Others TV Shows, Movies And Theatre.

Curtis C. Had A Brief Stop In New Orleans And Now He Is Back In Memphis, TN. He Is A Company Member At Playhouse On The Square. Curtis Is Working On Several Films Like "WE GO ON PATRICK"  And "SOUL MAN". You Can Also Catch Curtis C. Jackson In "MEMPHIS THE MUSICAL" A Epic Performance Premiering In January At Playhouse.

Curtis C. Jackson's Favorite Quote Comes From His Beautiful Grandmother,  "Ms.Minerva".
"Good Morning Baby, It's Time To Go Meet Your GREAT!!!"

Curtis States That He Heard That Positive Affirmation Everyday For 18 Years. 
Curtis C. Says "GREATNESS Is Something You Have But You Need To Make A Choice To Meet And Greet It Everyday. Be Aware Of It. To Use It."

"Good Morning Baby, It's Time To Go Meet Your GREAT!!!"

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Monday, July 15, 2019

Take Control Of Your Life Starting Today!

Damon Ivory 
(Sales Director)

Learn How To Restore Your Credit Score And Lower Your Interest  Rates With Successful 7 Figure Business Entrepreneurs, Executives, Sales Directors And Many More! Mr. Damon Ivory (Sales Director) & Team J.U.I.C.E; Triple Diamond & Associates As Well As Bass Financial Suite Are NOW Hosting Special Presentations Every Month. 

Kimberly Bass 
(Owner of Bass Financial Suite)

The Services Provided Are Financial Literacy To Individuals And Families All Across The United States. Their Ultimate Goal Is To Not Just "Change" Your Financial Situation But To "Change Your Life". 

Erica Sanford 
(Regional Vice President & 7 Figure Business Entrepreneur)

Mr. Damon Ivory Quotes John 10:10, " That We Should Live Life More Abundantly"
He Says "You Definitely Can NOT Have An Abundant Life With Bad Credit. We Want To Break The Generational Curse Of Bad Credit And In The Process Show You How To Maintain Your Great Credit Once You Get It."

For Further Inquiries About Them Please Click On The Links Below.

Damon Ivory 
(Sales Director)
Text "Credit" (901) 825-8851 
Kimberly Bass 
(Owner of Bass Financial Suite)
Text "Credit" (404) 788-6434

Erica Sanford 
(Regional Vice President & 7 Figure Business Entrepreneur)
(901) 282-6193

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

People Tend To Pay Attention When There Are Millionaires In One Room! The Black Box Entrepreneur Symposium Was A Success! Dr. Jerry And His Lovely Wife Winter Bobo Are Giving Back To The City Of Memphis!

The Black Box Entrepreneur Symposium Was Designed For Entrepreneurs And Early-Stage Startup Founders Seeking To Develop Stronger Entrepreneurial Skills And To Build Their Network. The Inaugural Event Was Held At The Bartlett Performing Arts And Conference Center At 3663 Appling In Bartlett Sat., June 29,2019.

The Black Box Entrepreneur Symposium Is Very Important For Small Business Owners. Each Individual Should Enroll In The Workshop The Next Time One Is Available!
Dr.Jerry And Winter Bobo Is Currently Creating A Tour In The Near Future. Amongst Others, The Black Box Entrepreneur Symposium Provided Each Participant With Helpful Information And Skills For Credit Building, Financial Strategies And Taking Control Of Your Own Business Life By Reconstructing Your Thought Process.

A Key Phrase That Stuck With Me During This Wonderful Experience Was An Inspirational Quote By Dr. Jerry Himself.

" There Is No Enemy Like The Inner Me."

In Between Dr. Jerry's Motivational Techniques And Positive Affirmations Was An Excellent Lineup Of Numerous Quest Speakers; Whom Might I Add Are Worth The Wait!

People Tend To Listen Better When There Are Millionaires In The Room!

The Quest Speakers Included:

Reuben Otay, Founder, Millionaire Millennial
Ralph Bond, President, Exclusive Financial Strategies
Sean Henneberger, Vice President, Pinnacle Financial
Lamottis Woods, Real Estate Investing Expert
Chris Bush, Co-Founder, Kenneth Boggs Group
Cortez Springer, Online Marketing Expert
Kenneth Boggs, Founder Of Kenneth Boggs Suits And Co-Founder Of Kenneth Boggs Group
Leah Williams, Branding Solution Expert

Mr. Reuben Otay

Mr. Ralph Bond 

Mr. Sean Henneberger 

Mr. Lamottis Woods

Mr. Chris Bush

Mr. Cortez Springer 

Mr. Kenneth Boggs

Ms. Leah Williams 

The Black Box Entrepreneur Symposium Was Founded By Power Couple Dr. Jerry And Winter Bobo Who Are Entrepreneurs, Motivational Speakers, And Business Coaches.
For More Info On Dr. Jerry And Winter Bobo, Go To

Media Contact: Neely Agency  
Sheri D. Neely (714) 365-6441

For More Information Go To

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