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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Derrick Dean Musician, Owner of K3 Studio Cafe

Derrick Dean is a musician whose versatility across genres that allows us to offer variations in musical entertainment. He is the business owner of K3 Studio Cafe and also a former educator and employment placement professional.
Derrick Dean can strike a chord on his piano, and produce a sound so sweet that would comfort your soul and spirit! Derrick was born in Greenville, Mississippi June 14, 1977.

Derrick moved to Memphis, TN in 1985 and began his education in music by watching his father, Pastor Bennett Dean, perform with his band, The Dean Brothers, as well as produce and create music in the early 80’s. Derrick began to play the drums at the age of 9, and started playing the keyboards at the age of 14.
At the age of 16, Derrick organized many different choirs and bands in the Mid-South area. Derrick recorded his first record at the age of 17 with “The One Man Gang”. Derrick won 1st place in the NAACP Act-So Local Competition in Instrumental Music, and advanced to the National Act-So Competition as well. Derrick continued his career in the field of musical education as the Jazz Band Director of Memphis Academy of Health Science. His Jazz Band students recorded their 1st CD in 2011 under his influence and leadership.


Derrick has received numerous awards and letters for his many accomplishments in music. The United States Marines presented him with the “SEMPER FIDELIS” Award. Derrick has been presented with letters of honor and appreciation from the National Executive Director of St, Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Richard Shadyac, and the Director of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital- Arthur W. Nienhuis for his musical talent in direction and performance. Derrick has worked with many artists such as the late Rev. James Moore and legendary Jazz artists Mark Griffin and Derrick Jackson. His talent has also been shared by other local bands including Freestyle, Icalation, and Tamarisk.

Derrick has also toured internationally overseas in various countries including Jamaica, the Grand Cayman Islands, and Europe, as well as various cruise lines. Some of his biggest musical influences include his Father, Mark Griffin, the Yellow Jackets, Dr. Dre, Quincy Jones, James Brown, the Funkadelic, Kenny Edmonds, the Isley Brothers, and Herbie Hancock. Presently, you can find Derrick working in his studio, Derrick’s Records, producing, writing, recording, and mixing for various artists. He is also traveling and performing with various artists and groups nationally. Derrick Dean is an accomplished musician, teacher, and producer with a special gift-ready to provide service for all of your musical needs.

K3 STUDIO CAFE is a full service bakery, restaurant and chocolate shop rolled into one located in the South Memphis/Downtown area of Memphis, TN. less than two minutes from Beal Street and the FedExForum. The restaurant features a full menu of moderately priced items. The restaurant encompass live entertainment by various local artist and national artist around the country. The bakery section features a full menu of bake goods such as breads and desserts; Chocolate confections, a warm and comfortable environment and free Wi-Fi for our patrons.

K3 STUDIO CAFE will provide a experience for those searching for something that is popular among Memphis diners and entertaining. Not only will patrons have the options to be able to enjoy our delicious food, desserts and live entertainment, they will do so in a facility with a comfortable atmosphere and intimate setting.

K3 Studio Cafe's says:
"Our mission today is the same as it’s always been: That every guest who chooses K3 STUDIO CAFE leaves happy."

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  1. Derrick Dean is absolutely one of The Best Entrepreneurs I've ever met Soft spoken Cateres to Your needs making sure everyone has their needs metand Guaranteed To leave a satisfied Customer ❤️Not to mention Entertainment! Oh WOW! I don't know where to Start ! Extraordinare Personality 💯The one of the baddest keyboard players I have had The pleasure of hiring.. Wishing I could afford Him always ! now no misunderstanding He's very affordable! But everybody is reaching for the best😍 He has played for Me, My Daughter, (The Duchess) and My Husband, Archie Love(Barkays) on more Than one occasion! Always calling Him 1st in all awe Do..... He is Simply a Blessed Child of God

  2. Thank you for your kind beautiful words!

    Thank you Genaheelz for recognizing me!

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