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Monday, March 18, 2019

Chastity Daniels famously known as "La Chat" Legendary Hip-Hop Artist, Songwriter

Chastity Daniels famously known over the world as “LaChat”. She is one of the most talented and rising female rappers in the industry. Hailing from Memphis, TN. LaChat has always loved hip hop music and considers M.C. Lyte as a role model. She has her own style of music that sets her apart from your typical female artist. She considers herself as being the voice that represents hustling, thug-life and most importantly the street females and mothers.

LaChat has helped open doors for many upcoming female rap artists. Her career began back in 1998 with the Oscar Winning Group Three 6 Mafia. Her first Platinum feature, with Three Six Mafia, “Chicken Head” was on Project Pat’s album. After that the doors opened for her to become the Queen in Hip Hop she is.

LaChat was featured on numerous other projects with Three Six Mafia including “Two Way Freak” and “Baby Mama”. LaChat has written tracks that were featured in popular movies such as “Baby Boy” and the hit HBO series “Oz”. She also played a starring role in the movie “Choices”. She later released her first solo album. “Murder She Spoke” in 2001.

Since then, LaChat has been released from the group and has released several independent projects such as:
“Ultimate Revenge”, “Dramatized”, “Bad Influence”, “Da Hood Homegirl” “Witch” with Gangster Boo, ”Murder She Spoke 2” and her newly Released Feb. 8, 2019 “Drama Queen”.

In between these albums she has been satisfying her fans with features and mix tapes with many major artists such as Shawnna of DTP, Juvenile, Murphy Lee, Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane, Mike Jones, Fiend, Waka Flocka and 8ball to name a few.

LaChat started her own record label called “Dime-A-Dozen” with other upcoming projects to be released with such success she has received numerous awards for her achievements

Through LaChat’s struggles and hustles in the game, she still manages to eat off of her well deserved fame. She still gets booked for shows all around the United States and draws in record crowds.

For more information about the legendary LaChat, her latest music and booking information. Please check out the links below!


1 comment:

  1. This blog gave her the recognition she has and always will deserve!! I've always been a fan of her music!! She is for sure a Memphis Legend!!


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