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Friday, March 1, 2019

"Brandon McMillon" Director, Actor, Writer

This #shoutout goes to a man of big dreams and the courage to make it happen! He has never given up on himself and in fact, he created his own platform to reach his goals! You will definitely be seeing more of him!

"Brandon McMillon" is a Director, Actor and Writer. He is also an experienced performer traveling the country with his dance group while pursuing a music career in his teenage years.

As an adult, Mcmillon gained momentum in dance and music. He also realized the true calling over his career. Brandon decided to redirect his focus and abilities on Acting.
A skill that inspires him to do more and succeed by any means.

Brandon McMillon was definitely on the right path. He began working behind the scenes for MTV and was hired as extras in featured films in Hollywood. Mcmillon would actively seek auditions for various casting opportunities and even joined a traveling band. The challenge of being apart of a traveling band was the unpopularity of this art form in Brandon's hometown of Memphis, TN.

McMillon decided that entrepreneurship was the best option and created his own acting company called "Mcmillon Productions".
He has written multiple plays such as:
"Here Come the Jacksons" , "These 4 Walls" , and his current production "Loving Mr Wrong".

Brandon McMillon has excelled as  Actor and progressed forward as a Producer  as well as becoming a Screen/Stage writer.
McMillon has surely found his lane and making his mark in entertainment.

For further inquiries about Brandon McMillon click on the links below:

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