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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Sharee "LadyCrazy" Hines Rap Artist

A big #shoutout to an amazing young lady that has passion for her craft! She is definitely on the rise!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

LadyCrazy started her rap career when she was 16 yrs old with her two brothers. She started to seriously pursue her music career at the age of 21 when she performed in a rap battle at the Memphis Hard Rock Cafe hosted by Memphis Underground Rap Legend Skinny Pimp. 

After that point on,she started to get noticed while doing more Open Mic Nights and competing in Rap Showcases for her Hardcore rhymes and stage energy. 

At the age of 22, Crazy started winning rap show contests where she was the only female rap act on the roster. On the side of Rapping, she also writes her own lyrics and she can also dance. At this point and time LadyCrazy is still working hard and working towards a successful Music career. 

She is now working on a campaign for her new single Big Big. Look forward to hearing more about "LC" LadyCrazy in the near future!

For more information about booking/ hosting click on the links below.

George W. Tillman Jr. Film Director

A special #shoutout to a wonderful film producer with the eye for talent! He is well-known in the film district if Memphis and is dedicated to his profession!👏👏👏👏

George W. Tillman Jr. a Memphian, is completing “The Lucky Eleven” a documentary about 11 students played football together at South Side High School in Memphis enter the world of Fisk University, an Historically Black College and University (HBCU) in the early 1970s the impact is profound both for their lives in college and pros and the other students and players around them. It’s first educational screening with student-scholar awards to incoming Fisk University Students and a donation to the Fisk Athletic department will be on Friday October 20th, 2017.

Mr. Tillman has shown his films in Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans, Oklahoma City and Philadelphia. The development of his unique writing style is a result of a lifetime of musical and film industry influences. This combination together have landed Tillman several awards for his talented writings. George Tillman was born on August 17th 1955.

His filmmaking career started as a young man in high school when he saw the movie Watts Stax, a 1973 documentary film by Mel Stuart that focused on the 1972 Watts Stax Music Festival, for the African American Community of Watts in Los Angeles, this film clearly conveyed the soulful expression of the black experience.

Prior to his interest in the movie industry, he was exhausting most of his time and talent as a high school athlete. In football, Tillman made all Metro Quarterback and later he placed All American in Track and field as a hurdler.
Due to his God-given talent, Tillman attended Fisk University on a dual scholarship of Football and Track. His major was Healthcare Administration and Planning. In 1975, Tillman would go on to help his team win the SIAC Football conference catching the winning pass. It was in the same year George and his classmates looked at the movie “Watts Stax” again but this time it, inspired his passion of writing to surface.

There were many musical icons George looked up to during his college career. He was able to study under one of the great Gospel Musical Giants of today. Dr. Bobby Jones, it would be his first encounter with seeing how the production of television shows were made. During this taping he was able to see Ronnie Millsap, Glen Campbell, Jamie Freaky, Ray Charles, Gladys Knight and the Pips along with Dr. Bobby Jones and the New Life Singers.
In 1984, Tillman finished his under graduate studies, but prior to that, Tillman attended Tennessee State University and Lemoyne Owen College where he studied Music under Dr. Mildred Green and Jazz Saxophonist Herman Green.

In 1985, Tillman would meet the songwriter George Henry Jackson whose famous writings (One Bad Apple) sang by the Osmond’s (Down Home Blue’s) by ZZ Hill (Old Time Rock and Roll) by Bob Segar just to name a few. This would spike yet another interest for the art of singing and songwriting for the piano.

In 1987, Tillman was watching an interview on Entertainment Tonight about the life and career path of the Film Director Spike Lee, after seeing and hearing about the acclaimed screen writer this would now sparked the beginning of his film journey.

In 1988, Tillman was introduced to Professor Steve Ross at University of Memphis (Director of Film) by Memphis Film Commissioner Lynn Sitler. Professor Ross encouraged Tillman to read the book “Art of Screen Writing” and the rest is history. Mr. Tillman went on to write the screen play the Son of Shaft, Midnight Train to Georgia, and The Last Buffalo Soldier, just to name a few.

In 2004 the famed director of the movie “Shaft” Gordon Parks wrote a letter of recommendation for George Tillman to the film industry. So many opportunities have come Tillman’s way in the last decade, his current project, Pride Poise & Dedication “The unsung story of Coach George Glymph expresses another writing style he possess. This documentary is just the beginning of more to come.

A Synopsis of George W. Tillman, Jr.

ln 1974, George W. Tillman, Jr. attended Fisk University on a Track/Football
Scholarship. Tillman arrived at new Levinston Hall, with only a suitcase, sixteen
dollars, and a harmonica. During his rest moments from football practice and
nightly studies, Tillman would blow his harmonica. His favorite song was
“Gypsy Man”, performed by the group, WAR.

In 1975, Reverend Edwin C. Sanders introduced the film Wattstax to Fisk's student
body. In seeing this movie, Tillman was inspired to write a movie of his own. This
was sparked by the singing appearance of the Bar-Kays in the Wattstax movie; as
they sang “The Son of Shaft”, he set in motion to write the script for a movie he
affectionately named, The Son of Shaft. Reverend Sanders informed the student body of the closing of the legendary recording studio, Stax Records. Consequently, Tillman was deeply moved by the closing of Stax Records.

During that era, African Americans had only three successful million dollar
businesses. They were Motown, Stax Records and Johnson products.

The next film to leave a profound impact on Tillman was, The Godfather, directed
by Francis Ford Coppola. This would mark the beginning of a great story about a
distinguished Fiskite.

In 1977, shortly after Tillman helped his team to the SIAC Football Conference
Championship, his football career was shorten. Tillman was well on his way to
becoming a professional athlete, however, God had other plans.

In 1985, Tillman's entertainment career began after meeting the great George Henry Jackson, the famous writer of “Down Home Blues”, “Old Time Rock and
Roll”, “One Bad Apple”, just to name a few. lt was through George Jackson, that
Tillman would meet Patty LaBelle, Bobby Womack, Johnnie Taylor, Wilson Pickett,
and Chipp Moman.

In 1987, Tillman saw Director/Writer, Spike Lee on Entertainment Tonight. This
inspired Tillman to write The Son of Shaft. He began the making
of the movie The Son of Shaft. Tillman was faced with opposition for the title use of
Shaft. He later moved on to write the movie, Midnight Train to Georgia.

In 1989, Tillman met Lon Fontain, a great choreographer who assisted him in meeting Gladys Knight. ln 1992,Tillman presented the screenplay Midnight Train to
Georgia, to Gladys Knight while in Memphis performing during the Memphis in
May. Ms. Knight was very impressed with the script.

Tillman's next writing venture was, The Last Buffalo Soldier. After conversing with
his cousin from Port Gibson, Mississippi regarding this venture, Tillman received letters from General Colin Powell, Commander Field Potts of The Last Buffalo Soldier Museum in Kansas City, MO.

In the beginning stages of Tillman's career he had the pleasure of meeting James Earl Jones, who was in Memphis, filming The Familv Thing. Tillman played the role of a bartender in this film. Mr. Jones after meeting and conversing with Tillman was
impressed by the script of The Last Buffalo Soldier. Mr. Jones encouraged Tillman,
and autographed the script. Tillman prepared himself by visiting several horseback
riding clubs, and educating himself. It was then that he sought to make the pilot for
The Last Buffalo Soldier.

The trend had begun! Tillman then met Francis Ford Coppola, who directed the
movie Rainmaker. Since Rainmaker was filmed in Memphis, it gave Tillman an opportunity to have a small role in the making of the film.
Tillman then went on to have acting roles in other movies such as: The Client, The
Firm, Separated Bv Murder and The People-Vs-Larrv Flynn.
Tillman went on to write the movie, Two Sides of the Street. The background for this film depicts a community where LeMoyne Owen College mirrors LeMoyne Gardens, a housing project. His next venture was Down In Soul City, which he wrote and directed.

Tillman wrote a documentary about HIV/AIDS, entitled My Brother, My Friend which previewed at The National Civil Rights Museum on World AIDS Day 2000. Tillman is a graduate of MeHarry Medical College. He has always wanted to give back to the health field. This documentary will afford him the opportunity to bring about awareness of HIV/AIDS and raise money for this cause.

In the summer of 1997, Tillman performed with members from the group WAR.

In 2000, Tillman performed with the group again, but this time Lee Oscar was with
them. Tillman's dreams were coming true.

Lee Oscar gave him the idea for a short film entitled, The Unknown Film Maker. This was a dream that came true for Tillman. Tillman also met John Singleton at the Universitv of Memphis during Black History Month.
Singleton spoke with Tillman and in that same year Singleton produced and released the movie, The Return of Shaft, which was heartfelt for Tillman. George W. Tillman had a critic to call him expressing his desire to view the movie, Down In Soul City, which he wrote and directed. This movie previewed at the Malco Cinema Studio. A sellout crowd was on hand for its viewing.

WDIA radio personalities, Bev Johnson and Fred Moore informed George of the
Fisk International Film Festival. This gave Tillman the idea of producing, The Filming of a Fiskite.

Athletic Awards

Messick High School:

1973-runner up state championship 180 yd low hurdles
1973-all-metro high school quarterback
1974- High School All American track and field/ city, regional and state championship 180 yd low hurdles/ Southeast Conference championship track and field 180 yd low hurdles.

College Fisk University
1975- SIAC football champions Fisk University
1976- middle Tennessee State Track and Field Championships indoors intermediate hurdle

For more inquiries about Mr. Tillman click on the links below:

Monday, March 18, 2019

Chastity Daniels famously known as "La Chat" Legendary Hip-Hop Artist, Songwriter

Chastity Daniels famously known over the world as “LaChat”. She is one of the most talented and rising female rappers in the industry. Hailing from Memphis, TN. LaChat has always loved hip hop music and considers M.C. Lyte as a role model. She has her own style of music that sets her apart from your typical female artist. She considers herself as being the voice that represents hustling, thug-life and most importantly the street females and mothers.

LaChat has helped open doors for many upcoming female rap artists. Her career began back in 1998 with the Oscar Winning Group Three 6 Mafia. Her first Platinum feature, with Three Six Mafia, “Chicken Head” was on Project Pat’s album. After that the doors opened for her to become the Queen in Hip Hop she is.

LaChat was featured on numerous other projects with Three Six Mafia including “Two Way Freak” and “Baby Mama”. LaChat has written tracks that were featured in popular movies such as “Baby Boy” and the hit HBO series “Oz”. She also played a starring role in the movie “Choices”. She later released her first solo album. “Murder She Spoke” in 2001.

Since then, LaChat has been released from the group and has released several independent projects such as:
“Ultimate Revenge”, “Dramatized”, “Bad Influence”, “Da Hood Homegirl” “Witch” with Gangster Boo, ”Murder She Spoke 2” and her newly Released Feb. 8, 2019 “Drama Queen”.

In between these albums she has been satisfying her fans with features and mix tapes with many major artists such as Shawnna of DTP, Juvenile, Murphy Lee, Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane, Mike Jones, Fiend, Waka Flocka and 8ball to name a few.

LaChat started her own record label called “Dime-A-Dozen” with other upcoming projects to be released with such success she has received numerous awards for her achievements

Through LaChat’s struggles and hustles in the game, she still manages to eat off of her well deserved fame. She still gets booked for shows all around the United States and draws in record crowds.

For more information about the legendary LaChat, her latest music and booking information. Please check out the links below!


"Stephon Smith " Comedian, Founder & CEO of The Showtime Gospel Music Awards

WOW! #shoutout to a comical icon! He has graced the stage with his fellow peers to bring joy and laughter into the homes and hearts of many! He is also a successful entrepreneur! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Comedian Stephon Smith is a Comedian, Actor, Host and MC from Memphis TN. He is the owner of Showtime Ent. He also is the host and star of The Stephon Smith TV Show and The Stephon Smith Morning Show on which is being dubbed as the best variety show in the midsouth. He is the Founder and Ceo of the Showtime Ent Gospel Music Awards for Independent Artists which is held yearly in MemphisTn.

Stephon has hosted and performed at various shows all across the country with such national comedians as Shang, Lavelle Crawford, TP Hearn, Chinnitta Morris aka Chocolate, Irma Johnson, Bruce Bruce, DeRay, Corey Holcomb, Damon Williams, George Wallace, Cedric The Entertainer, Small Fire, Arnez J, George Wallace and others. He was voted the #1 mc in the midsouth 4 years in a row and you can find him on YouTube under Comedian Stephon Smith.

Comedian Stephon Smith won 3 comedy awards including Urban Industry Comedian Of The Year 2014, Mtenzi Award for Best Host, Comedian 2014 and was a finalist for Best Comedian at The Best In Black Awards 2014 and The Juneteenth Awards 2015 in Memphis Tn. He was nominated for Comedian Of The Year at the 2016, 2017 Steeple Awards in Atlanta Georgia and another Mtenzi Award for 2016.

Smith was also a finalist at the 2017 Rhythm Of Gospel Awards in Jacksonville Fl for Comedian Of The Year and recently won Gospel Comedian Of The Year at the 2017 Voices of Gospel Music Awards in Mobile Alabama. He was also the Comedian Of The Year at the 2018 S&M Gospel Indie Music Awards in Rocky Mount NC and currently nominated for 5 awards in 2019.

Comedian Stephon Smith currently has a 1 hour comedy DVD special out called Laughter Is Good For The Soul which is getting rave reviews and is currently on his tour called Laughter Is Good For The Soul. He will be filming his new live DVD taping called Laughter Is Good For The Soul II #touchemlord in the summer of 2019.

Stephon's motivational quote is “Keep God first in everything you do and you won't go wrong!”

For more inquiries about Comedian Stephon Smith  please click on the link below.


You can also follow him on all social media sites at Comedian Stephon Smith.



Comedian Stephon Smith
Showtime Entertainment
1450 Frayser Blvd
Memphis Tn 38127

Saturday, March 16, 2019

"Martell 'PI' Lambert" Program Director of Power99damixx, Radio Personality

A big #shoutout to a man that gives back to aspiring artists and entertainers! He is driven, and diverse! He is definitely making a name for himself as a public figure!👏👏👏👏

Martell Lambert is the program director of power99damixx an internet radio station.

Pi says, “We cater to the people all music is welcome without discrimination.
We broadcast live at events in state and out of state.”

If company need radio ads or promotions we here also follow us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram.
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Or you can directly contact PI during normal business at@

Martell ‘Pi’ Lambert

Thursday, March 14, 2019

"Darrell 'YungVeli' Chambers" Legendary Hip-Hop Artist, Songwriter

In the mid 2000s, A new sound of Hip-Hop was taking Memphis, TN by storm! You could not mention down south artists without hearing about this multi-talented individual! He has earned his way into the urban hall of fame as a Memphis Legend and it is only the beginning! You haven't seen nothing yet!!

Darrell “YungVeli” Chambers, formerly Yung D, grew up in the streets of North Memphis, where at the age of 5 he found a love for poetry, rhyming to anyone who would listen. He took this love for poetry and turned it into a career, as he released several singles under “Yung D” and his 2006 Memphis Anthem “Certified”, which graced larger markets with radio play.

YungVeli then went on to sign with Hypnotized Mindz, and co wrote “Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)”, Three 6 Mafia’s biggest to date single, making it to number one song in the country on charts, which he appeared in and performed on tour.

Veli has worked and performed with some of the greatest hip hop artists such as 8 Ball and MJG, Three 6, Project Pat, Lil Flip, Lil Boosie, Yung Buck, Yo Gotti, Piles and many more, earning respect in the hip hop community, and cementing his place in the Memphis Music Industry.

In July of 2016, Veli released his first independent album through Monumental Entertainment Group, entitled, “There Is Hope”. His first single, “See You Dance” is currently seeing play on K97 (Memphis), 107.1 (Memphis) and 95.7 (Birmingham), with more markets coming.

Mr. Chamber's lyrics and music, speak to the masses who want to see a change in the community, in society, and hear something that will remain timeless and relevant for generations. His live performance engages the audience and fills them with hope and inspiration, reaching more markets than the average hip hop artist. His personality comes through in every song, which he feels is a tool to social change, and comes from the heart.   

For more inquiries on features/hosting YungVeli please call or click on the links below:

Monumental Entertainment Group
1(404) 494-0825

For further inquiries about YungVeli's music or to follow him on social media please click on the links below:

R & B 90's SuperGroup H-TOWN

 Without a doubt, one of the sexiest Slow Jams in history is a song called Knockin' Da Boots, by three guys from Houston. Shazam, Dino...