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Monday, February 18, 2019

"Sybil Presley Is An American Actress, Comedienne, Writer, Author, Poet, Spoken Word Artist and Talk Show Host.

"Sybil Marie Presley" is an Actress, Comedienne, Writer, Author, Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Talk Show Host.
She is an extraordinary actress and her comical abilities are ingenious.

Her acting Bio: Age range: 60-75 Height: 5'4"  Weight: 160 lbs. Eyes: Hazel  Hair: Silver Grey, Medium length Dress: 18 P.  Blouse: X-Large  Pants: 18    Shoes: 9 1/2

Movie Experiences: 
The movie: "M Pearls A.A.L"        
Character: "Mattie Long"   
Secretary "Emily Pearls"    
A TEPS Productions 

The movie: "A Brother's Love"   
Character "Restaurant Customer" 
A William Edwards Productions

The movie "Awakening Mind" Character:"Mrs.Wellington"                      
RIP  Entertainment  

The movie "Natives" 
Character: "Woman in trailor" 
R. Jason Rawlings  Productions 

The movie "Solution" 
Character: "Mother stoned on drugs"           Peggy Garner Productions 

The movie "Mystery Man Series" 
Character: "Valerie" 
Eric Patton Productions 

The movie "Coming Home" 
Character: "Grandma GG" 
Layne McDonald Productions 

 Television Experience: 

 "On the Road to Hollywood" 
Stand-up Comedienne  
CFA  Productions,Inc. 


 "Dodge Ram'
 Lisa  Lax Agency 

 "Ashley Furniture"  
Lisa Lax Agency 

 "Universal Glass" 
Dreka Chevon 

 "Good Feet" 
Dreka Chevon 

 Talk Show Host: 

 "Co-Host' The Emily Pearls Show. Facebook TV  

Sybil Presley. Facebook  Red Hat . Youtube.

Twitter Casting Agent. Lisa Lax Agency   Memphis, TN Spokesperson for AviaChi. Organic nutrition.



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